Breastfeeding Basics: How Much And When

Breastfeeding is a fulfilling experience for both, mother and baby. As a baby grows, her/his breastfeeding patterns change as per the nutrition s/he needs. Here’s what you need to know about your baby’s breastfeeding timeline from birth to beyond.



 This is a good time to initiate breastfeeding as your baby is active and alert. Allow your little one to nuzzle the breast and give plenty of skin-to-skin contact. This initiates an effective start to breastfeeding. Take your doctor’s or a lactation consultant’s help to achieve the first latch.



Feed your baby often and keep track of the clock. At this stage your baby should take a minimum of 10-12 feeds every 24 hours.


Feeding from 15 days to 6 months

In this period, you can switch to demand feeding. Before you plan your next feed, watch your baby for feeding cues such as moving of the lips, making suckling movements, rooting, getting agitated and finally crying (the last sign of hunger).    


Your baby’s stomach is still small and needs frequent feeds, maybe every 2 to 3 hours. Her/his feeding time will also be longer, around 25 to 45 minutes per feed. Suckling is hard work, and your little one gets easily tired. If your baby falls asleep at the breast, you might need to awaken her/him to complete a feed.  




Your baby’s stomach is now growing and can hold more milk. Your baby is also stronger and hence will be able to finish a feed faster. The number of feeds might now be 7 to 8 in 24 hours and each feed may last for 15 to 25 minutes. You will also find that your baby is more distracted and playful, so try to feed in a quiet  room to encourage her/him to complete the feed.  



This is the right time to introduce solids. Start with one semisolid meal at a time. This means that you will eliminate only one breast feed at a time, as breast milk is still the chief source of nutrition for your baby.   




At this stage, 50% of your baby’s nutrition will probably be met by solids and the balance 50% by breast milk.  



The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that you continue breast feeding into the second year as well. At this point, your baby should ideally be taking about 4 to 5 solid meals and the rest of the feeds as breast milk. However, many mothers decide to wean their babies at this stage.  

Remember, every child is different, so breastfeeding needs will differ from baby to baby. Just watch your little one for signs, and have a great nursing journey together.   


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Pooja Ashutosh

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Sheetal Ahuja

Sonali Shivlani;; Very informative article..My baby is a little over two months and I bf her for almost an hour.. half n hour each side post which also she doesn't seem content.. Does this mean my milk supply is very less..

Rabia Aneja

hie Sheetal Ahuja yes one hour is too much time generally a baby takes 10 to 15 minutes or less den dat I had same prblm in the initial delivery days nd milk supply as too low dat time so plzz u once consult a good lactation consultant...!
nd to increase good supply of milk my doctor recommend me lactare capsules which comes in pink colour it's a course for one capsule thrice a day atleast for month...i tuk it for 40 days nd it gave me results in just one day in addition u can have sim mom chocolate milk powder which also helps in getting more milk nd it's good for both to mama as a post natal care nd as gud nutrition to baby
take lot of fluids also nd have a green healthy diet..take care

Sheetal Ahuja

Rabia Aneja .. Thanks I have been taking Lactacare capsules for over a month now and Shatavari powder atleast twice a day but don't think I am getting the required results

Rabia Aneja

ohh okk den do consult a lactation consultatant

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Deepti Mishra

meri baby 20 din ki ha mera milk nahi pee rahe ha fm hi bottle se le rahi ha kya karo jaise hi breast me lati hu she start crying


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Meri baby bm nhi leti hm use formula milk de rhe h uske sath bhi same process h follow hoga na ? Thanks

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