My 5 Step Guide to Post Pregnancy Weight Loss!

My 5 Step Guide to Post Pregnancy Weight Loss!

10 Nov 2017 | 4 min Read

Aditi Ahuja

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Pregnancy for most women is a life changing experience. Seeing those 2 pink lines on your home pregnancy test kit or a confirmation by the doctor that “congratulations!!.. You are pregnant starts a flurry of emotions. It’s a mixed feeling full of happiness, fear and even anxiety sometimes which culminates beautifully with your child being born. When you hold your child in your arms for the first time everything else seems to matter less.


There are so many new things  that you see, experience and learn for the first time that the initial few months are spent in adjusting to a new life with your baby. Thereafter comes a phase when you realize that you have not only got transformed from a woman into a mother emotionally but you look different. Oodles of extra weight, a bloated tummy, a plus size starts bothering you. With an infant on breast feed and your self recovering from childbirth the question is how to lose those extra pounds?…and come back in shape.


This all happened with me too and when I weighed 58kgs in my first trimester, by the time my baby girl was born I weighed 78 kgs. It took me an year to come down to 61 kilos and this is what I did.


  1. Water Intake: When earlier I used to have 4 to 5 glasses of water a day, I increased my intake to almost 8 to 9 glasses a day. It was peak summer time, but I refrained myself from consuming cold water, juices or any other fizzy drink. My mother used to prepare water boiled with carom seeds (ajwain) for me and once  at room temperature I used to store it separately and drink. This water kept me hydrated, reduced toxins in my body due to increased urination and heating a cup full of this water and taking it after meals, thrice a day also helped.


  1. Food Consumption: I was breastfeeding my baby for more than one year, so I couldn’t compromise too much on my food intake. I took a balanced home cooked Indian diet comprising wheat roti, boiled rice, lots of pulses, green vegetables, lots of seasonal fruits, soups and salads etc. I avoided outside food and fast food and when I craved for something different I cooked it at home with less oil and spice. I also included lots of curd and buttermilk in my diet which helped in digestion and kept my acidity level low. I had a sweet tooth so I replaced heavy sweet dishes like a gulab jamun or halwa with a small piece of jaggery (gud) at the end of my meals. Jaggery is a sugar but a small piece not only satiates the sweet cravings but also is very good for health.


  1. Tummy tucker belt: A major problem  which I faced post delivery was a bulged stomach. My aunt had at that time stitched a tummy-tucker belt (with an old cotton saree) for me which I tied around my waist for most of the time except when having my meals or using the washroom. This belt not only helped in bringing my tummy to its original shape, but also improved my sitting posture and relieved my back pain which had developed due to an increased weight. These days such belts are available at many chemist shops.


  1. Walking and very light exercise: My delivery was a c section one and walking was the best way to loose some pounds. Besides that doing a few household chores, chores related to the baby, breathing exercise and light yoga steps also helped. I kept half an hour for myself every day and practiced these things regularly.


  1. Keeping myself motivated: From 78kgs to 61 kgs was an year long journey. The first thing I told myself was that I can do it. Post that continuous effort kept me motivated. keeping targets which were practical, a strict check on my oil and sugar intake, controlling an urge to cheat the plan helped. Even if I failed sometimes, I didn’t give up.


Seeing oneself fitting into one’s pre pregnancy dresses is a joy which every new mother wants to experience. Believe me it is not unachievable. A strong will and a good plan is all you need.

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