Tips For Moms To Help Kids Fight Air Pollution In Delhi

Tips For Moms To Help Kids Fight Air Pollution In Delhi

16 Nov 2017 | 5 min Read

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We all have constantly been seeing the news about how Delhi is surrounded by bad air quality and how air pollution affects children’s health. Social media and news channels are flooded with this news. And as a mother, it pains me even to think how we are protecting our kids from such a calamity.

What Is Causing Air Pollution In Delhi?

air pollution effects on infants

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  • Crop burning by farmers in neighboring states such as Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Traffic menace in Delhi is another reason for air pollution and smog.
  • As we all know Delhi is overpopulated, it only adds to different kinds of pollution due to the increase in the number of vehicles.
  • Large scale construction leads to increasing dust and pollution in the air.
  • Garbage dumps and industrial pollution amounts to more polluted air.
  • Burning fire crackers during Diwali in spite of the ban added to the buildup of smog.

How Air Pollution is Harmful to Kids?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a child’s lungs may not work properly by the time he/she reaches maturity if they live in an area where air pollution is severe. As a result of their weakened lungs, young children are more likely to acquire asthma as they grow older and this is how air pollution effects on children’s health.

How Kids Need More Protection

In order to protect your kids from toxic air and pollution in Delhi, parents should follow steps to avoid air pollution effects on children’s health.

  • Do not take your newborn out of the house until he or she is at least a month old, especially in the morning when air pollution is at its greatest.
  • Afternoons are a safer time of day to take your kids outside.
  • Use air purifiers and a humidifier in the room.
  • Natural air purifiers can be found in the form of indoor plants or vertical gardens.
  • You should avoid dusting or cleaning around your child, as well as using chemical sprays.

Why Are Children More Vulnerable To The Toxic Air?

air pollution effects on children's health

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  • Studies have shown that a child’s organ including its lungs don’t develop fully until they reach their teens.
  • Since they spend more time outside they are highly exposed.
  • They inhale more pollutants than adults.
  • They are unable to perceive initial symptoms which will act as warning signals for problems.

pollution and children's health

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How to Reduce Risk?

Smoking should be avoided throughout pregnancy. By quitting smoking and avoiding smoky situations, you can ensure that your child does not breathe in cigarette smoke after birth.

Symptoms To Watch Out For Air Pollution In Kids

These are the major symptoms to watch out for if a kid is dealing with air pollution.

  • Coughing
  • Asthma
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Dry or irritated eyes and throat

Tips To Combat Air Pollution

So, here I have listed down a few things moms can do to avoid air pollution effects on children’s health. I know it’s easier said than done, but I am sure we mothers go that extra mile to do anything for the benefit of our kids.

  • Try to keep them indoors as much as possible. Keep them engaged in enjoyable indoor activities, especially during the early morning and evenings, as the air pollution is severe.
  • Install good quality indoor HEPA air purifiers, especially for your kid’s bedroom.
  • Keep your house free of any dust and smoke.
  • Even if you have to venture out, ensure the kids wear high-quality face masks. Look for either N95 or N99 rated covers and ensure the fit is secure with no outside gaps to let outside air in.
  • Install air quality apps to monitor real-time air quality and see forecasts for the next day.
  • Ensure your kids’ school takes the necessary precautions to curb air pollution.
  • Get some air-purifying plants at home like aloe vera and English Ivy.
  • Give them food that is rich in antioxidants. Include food that includes vitamin c, magnesium and omega fatty acids.
  • Let them drink an adequate amount of water as it will help flush the toxins from the body.
  • Do not burn garbage and avoid smoking as these will pollute the air.
  • Make some lifestyle changes by choosing public transport or carpooling to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Spread the word in your group and neighbouring communities on the perils of air pollution.

air pollution and children's health

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I hope you find this information helpful and anticipate that the situation will get better in Delhi soon as we all need to start implementing steps to avoid air pollution effects on infants and kids.

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