“I Will Potty Everywhere Except In The Pot!”: Potty Training Wars

“I Will Potty Everywhere Except In The Pot!”: Potty Training Wars

When your little one peeps into the bathroom, here’s what he  probably sees:

A bath tub for fun and bath toys, a sink for his rhyme and brush time and a big ominous, noisy pot that only big people use.
Believe it or not, here’s what he’s thinking when you tell him “Let’s Sit And Try Poopie On The Pot Today!”



Mom knows nothing! I love my diaper! The pot is noisy! It’s louder than mom’s screaming! Yikes! That’s a lot of water!


Kids can be attached to their diaper. It’s their safety blanket against mess and soiling. Letting go and accepting the change can be hard.

The loud noise from the flush can be frightening for some kids. And when the water flows, what may seem a small amount to you might actually be a big deal for your baby.



Losing balance and falling in is easily a deterrent. Your toddler fears no hope of rescue if he falls in!Hard plastic potty seats can be uncomfortable especially if the little one has to sit there for a while and pain while passing stool makes the child not want to use the toilet.


To minimize the traumatic experience your little one is having while going on the pot, here’s what you can do:


  • Prepare your child for what’s in store.
  • Talk about how everyone uses the toilet.
  • Explain the functioning of the toilet including the flush to your child.
  • Buy an age-appropriate, cushioned potty seat. Colours and fancy cartoon prints are added benefits.
  • Constipation is a common issue and a change of place to go makes the experience more difficult. Seek medical advice if needed.


Hope you are well-equipped to start the big P with your little one. All the best and may you win the war!


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