Mom Star Debolina's 5 Golden Rules on Manners + More

You think managing one kid is tough? Try managing two at the same time. Mom Star, Debolina, has adorable twins and knows how to mind their manners. Through logic and some creative ideas Debolina makes teaching manners literally child's play. She was kind enough to let her mommy secrets out of the play bag just for our BabyChakra moms.


Also: she makes an amazing MomStar! Check out her top picks for Mumbai below: just in time for Children's Day!



1. Giving responsibilities: "As a mother, teaching values and morals to my children are very important.So I instill responsibility in my children by giving them easy to do tasks like washing vegetables in a bucket full of water."



2. Respect for All: I teach them to greet people, whoever it might be, including community helpers.



3. The Few kind words: The golden words, Please, Thank you, Sorry, are taught to them time and again and made sure that they use them with everyone whenever needed.



4. Being a Role Model: Every day, I hug and tell them 'I love you', so that they also learn to love everyone!



5. Patience and Positive Affirmations: I refrain from scolding or hitting them. Being firm, yet polite is my motto.



Check out her top3 picks in Mumbai:

1. Funkey Monkey: Funkey Monkeys is very clean and a super fun place for children... Nice cafeteria and an innovative play area for children to have nonstop fun!



2. Mothercare: Mother care is where one can get everything for their babies!... An exclusive one stop shop!



3. The Little Company: The Little Company is a very child friendly day care center and takes very good care of the children giving individual attention to all.




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