Why C-Section is not a pitiable thing

Why C-Section is not a pitiable thing

27 Nov 2017 | 4 min Read

revauthi rajamani

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My journey to motherhood began like most of you. I looked down  at a pregnancy test and saw a positive sign. And did not believe what I saw. I sat back down on the toilet and just stared. My body felt anxious. I kept looking at the pregnancy test kit again and again in excitement. This little tiny test just told me that a baby has begun growing inside of Me. It’s an awesome feel.


The journey went through very well, until I was scanned for  a routine check up on the thirty seventh week.  There came the dreadful moment. I heard the most undesirable word from my gynecologist. There she goes asking me to get admitted In the hospital and we need to plan for a C-section as my amniotic fluid index was too low for the baby to move inside and they cannot retain the baby anymore inside as it might kill the baby .


I was trembling with fear and speechless. Never dreamt of, such a day, left with no options and time in our hand, My husband prompted and gave me a smile and said “it’s ok, let’s handle it “. Now that we have packed our bags and made up our minds, we reached the hospital on the day of the surgery fixed by our doctor.


I was taken to the laboratory to run few blood tests and scans. My gynecologist came and checked the reports and informed the nurses to prepare me for “ the day”. I was given a patient gown and after all the preparations done, they took me to the operation theatre.


My heart was literally in my mouth, tears overflowed through my eyes, my hands and legs were shivering, suddenly I felt shocked and thirsty, I know for sure that I would not be given water to drink. I saw the monitor beep and blink, I felt as though I’m going to my graveyard, I panicked, I was terrified of my baby’s health condition.


I was transferred to an operating table and met two more doctors I’d never seen before. I was catheterized and held upright for anesthesia to be administered. I could not feel anything below the waist, but could smell the burning flesh as the skin of my belly was cautioned. After a forty long minute, the doctor showed up with a baby boy in her arms. “Is that him? Is he OK, I asked?” I asked, so dizzied. He kicked me with his tiny feet in response. This is the moment I was waiting for.!


Childbirth is unpredictable, it was not my choice. I’m proud of what I went through and every mom should be proud of their birth journey. It is all equally amazing, surprisingly powerful. So please stop making the “pity you” face when a woman has a C-section. We need to give each other power, don’t empathize or criticize. We need your support not pity. To all the women out there who went under the knives, shout out bravely, you are not alone and we don’t need pity but support. Let’s not shame them, saying it’s no more painful like a normal delivery. It’s more dreadful than what you could even imagine


Stop judging and saying you went under the knives without pain, it’s essential to understand that it’s really scary and  you have a scar for your life.


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