Potty Training for Infants: Quick Tips

Potty Training for Infants: Quick Tips

Why do people refrain from talking about one of the most critical elements of raising an infant. Potty training!! I try to cover all taboo topics in my blog which most parents shy away from. I have a new-found respect for honest and practical parenting. Which is why you will notice that I don't only show my kid at his best, but also the background of looking his best. 


Uptil now you have done well in starting their food at 6months, putting them in cloth nappies through the day (or even nights now), breastfeeding upto 6 months etc but when do you really start with introducing the potty seat?

As much as it will surprise you, but you can actually introduce the potty seat at 6 months!!


Why so early?

  • If the baby can sit by himself, we say they are ready to eat food. But that also means, they are ready for the potty seat. I'm referring to the seat that is a stand-alone and can be placed on the floor. 
  • When babies start crawling or walking, they tend to get up and run away from the seat. Hence building familiarity with the seat early on is important.
  • Their poopoo is now almost solid, and hence not suitable for cleaning from nappies and washbasins 


Pointers For Potty-Training

  • If you notice your baby attempting to push their bowels, rush him to the potty seat and place him on it. Don't let them ease themselves in diapers please! Else, how will they ever learn the important and use of a potty-seat. 
  • Potty training doesn't have to be a task. The child should enjoy the ease of pushing, and hygiene thereafter. You too can assist by not showing your frustration in case the baby gets up without doing anything.
  • Don't make the child sit on the seat for hours pushing them to do something. If in 5-10 minutes nothing has been done, try again in half an hour. The seat is not means for long sitting and no wonder many kids start detesting the potty seat. 
  • Lots of parents use diapers even when the child is 3-4 years old,  claiming  that they 'missed the bus'. But many of us don't know when to catch the bus. The answer is given above!!


Stay positive!


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