Breastfeeding Tips: How To Get It Right

Breastfeeding Tips: How To Get It Right

22 Dec 2017 | 4 min Read

Jinal Viren Gada

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Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience and I always wanted to breastfeed my baby. I am thankful to God as I never faced any issues in producing milk. But there are moms who do face such issues.


Each mom who faces issues with producing milk might have googled n number of times to find what can work for producing more milk.


I am no doctor or nutritionist to suggest you what can work for you. But I would like to share what worked for me. This should help you stay positive and give it your best. 


  • Talking to the baby:


As soon as I got pregnant with K, I started talking to him. Though I never got any  response, it was beautiful time we spent with each other. Post bath when I applied moisturiser on my pregnant belly was the time I never missed talking to him. This is when I kept saying to both the baby and me that s/he was going to be exclusively breastfed for first 6 months of life and post that till we can manage. This doesn’t help produce milk but it made me strong each day and I was more positive. 


  • Eating lots of protein:


I had a lot of protein rich food during my pregnancy. My doctor had given me a protein powder which I hated but he warned me saying I will have to be admitted to take protein injections. For God sake, who wants to go and stay in a hospital, I better take my protein powder. This protein powder went on till K was majorly on breastmilk .i.e. till 9 months of life. 


  • Nutritious Meals:


I love nutritious Indian meals. I ate a lot of bajri and jowar rotis throughout pregnancy and even post that. These rotis are full of nutrition and somewhere helps you produce milk as per my mother-in-law. In fact, I still eat them in place of rotis. 


  • Superfoods:


My MIL was very excited to bring in a grandchild at home and had prepared nutrition packed laddoos and what not even before I delivered (detailed post on this coming soon). I ate all of those in my postpartum days. I made no faces no excuses. I just had it because I believe in old traditional nutritious food and respect the age-old practises which has proved right. 


  • Rest:


It’s important to get good rest and sleep postpartum to produce good milk. I was never awake when my son was sleeping for the first forty days. The moment I saw him sleeping I use to take a nap myself. There were times I didn’t attend guests who came to see K and me but I felt it was ok and apologised later. 


  • Correct Latch:


The most important thing is the latch. All the moms in this world will do PHD on delivering a baby before they give birth but only a few would read on breastfeeding and latch. But breastfeeding is the first thing that happens as soon as you deliver and it’s equally important. When a baby latches correctly he can suck in milk properly and you produce milk as the baby feeds. So even if you feel you are not producing milk, keep the baby latched. It works mommies. I had major problems with this for first 21 days, but with a lactation consultant and video tutorials, I passed this. 


  • Skin to Skin:


Skin to skin, as much as you can just do it without thinking. The more you keep them closed the more benefits it has. Slings help big time to give skin to skin. I wore my baby each day to give him skin to skin. 


  • Family support:


Family support is most important in postpartum days. My husband, my MIL and my mom were very supportive and helped me get through these days with ease. 


  • Calm and positivity:


A lot of moms go through post-partum depression which affects milk supply. Be prepared, accept things and ask for help. This will keep you calm. If you are positive about things, it does help.

So mommies, have faith, be positive and be confident.


Source of banner image: mymidwife

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and BabyChakra does not necessarily endorse them.

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