Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy - All you need to know

Since I am often getting queries about vaginal discharge, i thought I’d  sum up the different types of discharge seen during pregnancy. What colour is normal? What does this colour mean? It is supposed to smell this way? Well, don’t worry about this.


women who are not pregnant, their normal discharge is usually clear, or white, without any smell or curd-like material. But when you’re pregnant, you need to pay attention to what comes out of your ‘down there’. If you happen to see anything that you think is abnormal, then you might have to visit your doctor and tell them about it.


1. White thick discharge- It is absolutely normal, this is due to increased pregnancy hormones.


2. Curdy, cheesy white discharge- This suggests an yeast infection which may cause itching, redness, soreness, pain or bad smell too. It is caused due to increased hormones that cause extra sugar production in the vagina leading to yeast growth. It should be checked and treated.


3. Yellow or Greenish discharge- It indicates a Urinary tract infection or STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). It should be checked and treated right away.


4. Bloody discharge- A bloody discharge or spotting can mean a miscarriage in early pregnancy, whereas it can be a sign of early labour in late pregnancy. Any blood in the discharge is abnormal till proven, so you will need to visit the gynaecologist for an assessment.


5. Amniotic Fluid- This is too tricky ;) An amniotic fluid leak doesn’t have to be a huge leak. It can just be a small trickle or a slow leak. Since bladder becomes full during pregnancy, may sometimes even confuse this with your urine leak. It is advisable to empty your bladder and then put on a new pad, examine the discharge in about half an hour. If it is amniotic fluid, it will be colorless or have a slight pinkish tinge. It is also odourless, so it will be easy to detect.. Sometimes it may smell like menstruation blood.


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