Tips For Losing Belly Fat After C-Section

Tips For Losing Belly Fat After C-Section

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A Cesarean Section is a major abdominal surgery and naturally it will take time to recover. The first few days can be difficult but aim at walking once you have completed twenty four hours post the surgery. This is not a brisk walk but just a slow walk. Another thing to keep in mind is to move your lower limbs to aid circulation.


You can wear an abdominal support belt but of course not very tight, just to support the incision.


What you eat is very important. Remember food accounts for about 70% of all fat loss goals. So ensure that you are eating healthy and stay away from excessive ghee and sugar.


Your doctor will give you the go ahead to start with some gentle exercises once you are one month postpartum.


  • Start with a walking program. You will feel uncomfortable in the beginning and may find that you tire easily as well but this is an important start to the belly fat loss goal.
  • Continue eating healthy. Aim for six meals per day.
  • As you develop strength, start adding stretches and other forms of exercise to your daily routine. Remember to always listen to your body. Most moms, three months post surgery, will be able to do all forms of exercise.
  • At three months postpartum, along with the stretches ensure that you take a 45-60 minute brisk walk at least five times a week.
  • Remember it is not possible to burn fat from any one particular area. Doing 500 crunches is not going to help.


Remember we said that food accounts for 70% of your fat loss goals ?



Remember we said that food accounts for 70% of your fat loss goals ?


The key here is fat loss not purely weight loss.


Follow these eating mantras:

  • Mix some honey, ginger, garlic, cinnamon and a dash of pepper in a small cup of warm water and drink the mix every morning.
  • Consume a fistful of nuts or some seeds with a cup of milk. Avoid adding any artificial flavors or other forms of sugar to the milk.
  • Ensure that your breakfast has a healthy mix of unrefined grains, protein and some vegetables.
  • Have a glass of coconut water or buttermilk with a fruit in the mid morning.
  • Lunch and dinner should contain a large bowl of dal, vegetables, salad and some grain. Try and include some other grains besides wheat and rice – think about ragi, jowar, bajra etc.
  • In the evening have a bowl of sprouts.
  • Before dinner, consume a bowl of thick mixed vegetable soup.
  • Have a cup of milk about an hour before you sleep.


If you are waking up often to breastfeed and are feeling hungry keep some healthy options like roasted chana, makhana etc. Most of the times, having water will curb the hunger pangs if you have eaten well at dinner.


Most vegetarian moms are protein deficient and it is a good idea to add a protein powder to your milk. You can discuss this with your doctor or a nutrition consultant.


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