How To Take Care of Yourself After Being a Mother


Having kids - the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings - is the biggest job anyone can embark on.” - Maria Shriver


It's been a year since I am into the best and difficult role of my life 'being a mommy 'of my little star boy. I had heard while I was pregnant also before that, that holding those tiny hands tiny feet, smell of the little angels, their smile, their crying is the best feeling. It really is!


But as your baby grow month by month your responsibility grow. Your time for yourself become less. Because baby’s first priority is mother. He always needs you whether he cry, crawls, need sleep or walk he needs mother the most.


I always thought as my baby will grow I will be more free as I don’t have to breastfeed him after every two hours, but it’s not the case you never become free you become more and more busy. You have to play with them, cook new recipes for them and make them eat. When they were little it was easy, just give milk and they will take but making them eat is a different story, it takes me an hour or more to give a meal to my baby with all his tantrums and all. You have to clean again and again when they make room a mess. So you just become more busy and tired. But as it is said:

“Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy.”


Thus, after being a mother there is no personal time . Everything around you changes your priority, your shopping list and many more things and even the song playlist it's full of rhymes and lullaby.


That is the thing you miss the most "the me time"


Well taking out the time in your busy routine is necessary there are a few tips I am sharing:


When you take showers everyday, make the most of it, use different body showers,body lotions, body mist.In short pamper yourself while taking a simple bath.



When baby takes nap, listen to your favorite music, cook something special for your yourself.



Go for a walk or yoga class, when the baby is with spouse or any grandparents in the house.




Read a book or any positive article before sleep after you have put your little one to sleep, don't do social media surfing before sleeping.




Make time to pray each day.



Meet your old friends in a month or two , it will make you feel great.



Whenever you go out for a dinner or just going to a mall dress properly wear your favorite shoes, clothes and makeup.



When doing shopping don’t only shop for baby shop for yourself too.



When breastfeeding once in a while eat your favorite dish which is not allowed while breastfeeding.



When we become mother the most common thing I have seen is we stop doing is going to a saloon and getting pampered. Please mamas take time for this .

These are some points which help me in getting recharged to take care of my little baby.


In short, if you are happy from inside your baby will be happy. Love your baby take care of baby’s every need, but yes don’t ignore yourself.


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Best advices given👍🏻.. everyone should take time for themself to be happy from inside

Best advices given👍🏻.. everyone should take time for themself to be happy from inside

Best advices given👍🏻.. everyone should take time for themself to be happy from inside

Gud advices 👍👍keep it up

best thing u say easy to under stand...👍

Nice point's

Nice point's

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Absolutely true. Agree nd have personally felt each nd every point.

This is exactly what I was looking for.


Good advices. We should follow these

Good advices. We should follow these

Good advices. We should follow these

This is exactly what I was looking for. - Bang on!

Very well written

Awesome Pavneet Sahni Arora , you just boosted me energy with this article, needed alots, thanks dear

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