3 Things To Do When You Have A Breech Baby

3 Things To Do When You Have A Breech Baby

28 Nov 2022 | 2 min Read

Seema Bhatia

Author | 29 Articles

Breech baby or breech position is when the baby’s head is positioned upwards towards the chest and the feet are pointing towards the vagina or birth canal. Breech position is found in 3-4 % of the total full-term pregnancies. The breech positions seen in babies include frank, footling, complete or transverse line breech. This condition is mostly seen in women with multiple pregnancies, abnormally shaped uterus, placenta previa, etc.

Babies in a breech position mostly get back to the normal head-down position by the 37th week. it is generally advised that you do nothing about this breech baby position as there are no scientifically proven solutions. Although it gets corrected naturally, there are a few things that are believed to help get the baby to a normal position.


Bridge position and child pose are 2 yoga positions that are believed to help in such situations.

Music and soft sounds

Placing headphones on the bottom of the uterus and playing some soft sounds or lullaby to encourage your baby to turn.

Muscle relaxation

Relaxing your muscles, especially your uterus muscles are believed to help your baby turn and come into the head-down position.

As mentioned above these are not scientifically proven ways to make your baby turn. Let your baby turn in natural ways by maintaining a healthy diet, lifestyle and keeping yourself active and away from stress.

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