Gajar Ki Kanji: A Healthy and Refreshing Drink

Gajar Ki Kanji: A Healthy and Refreshing Drink


Kanji is one such drink which is good on stomach as it aids digestion and also satisfies those tangy taste buds.


Here is a quick recipe of this wine colored drink.




- 3 litres Water ( as much you want)

- 1 tablespoon brown mustard seeds

- Rock salt as per taste

- Black pepper as per taste

- Carrot pieces vertically cut

- Half beetroot vertically cut




Mix all ingredients

Keep in the kitchen corner for a day or two for it to get that tangy flavour



Enjoy your Savoury Drink on the Rocks!!


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Shshhh.. Let everyone guess, when you hold that glass. Don't tell it's not wine but Kanji.


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