How To Develop Your Child’s Brain: 22 Months – Fine Motor & Pre Maths

How To Develop Your Child’s Brain: 22 Months – Fine Motor & Pre Maths

13 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read

Kuhoo Gupta (The K Junction)

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At 22 months, your child is developing his fine motor skills every passing day. Here are some fine motor activities that you can do from the stuff at home easily. You can also refine your child’s pre math skills using these activities. Make sure you follow this entire series where I list month-wise Montessori inspired & play based activity ideas for developing motor, cognitive, social & emotional skills.


Clothespin – Every home has clothespins and this is a wonderful tool to practice fine motor skills for toddlers. You can give pompoms or just cotton balls for your child to pick up using clothespin and transfer it from one bowl to another. Pressing and releasing the clothespin is a challenging task for kids at this age.



Pounding – Every kitchen has a mortar and pestle. It is again a great tool to keep toddlers occupied. You can give your child some puffed rice or groundnuts or even chalks to pound. It also helps improve hand-eye coordination and concentration.



Spooning and Funneling – You can improve concentration with the activity where the child has to transfer something like rava/sooji using a spoon and use a funnel to put it in a bottle. You can also use sand or rangoli colors instead. I have seen kids glued to this activity for hours!



Sorting using Colors – You can easily find different colored containers in your kitchen and things like spoons or forks or clips of various colors to sort according to colors. Just give the counters (spoons etc) all mixed in a basket and ask your child to sort them according to color into different containers. Sorting is a pre math skill and you do not need expensive toys to practice sorting.


Big and small Sorting – Any household stuff of different sizes that can be sorted according to size like spoons or forks, socks, towels etc are perfect for this activity! Here I have given my son some buttons, big and small. Similarly, you can come up with tons of sorting exercises from the stuff you see in your house.



Look out for my next article in this series where I will share some more DIY activities that you can do with your 23 month old child!


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