9 Types of Moms We Normally Come Across!

9 Types of Moms We Normally Come Across!


Well in my journey from being a young girl to a woman and now a mother, I feel I have come across different kinds of mothers who are all there and good at what they are doing. 


So, here I took this liberty of categorizing mommies(including me)  as per  my whims and fancies. This is just my version of what I feel different kind of moms are and you have all the rights to differ.


So, here they are:


1- Traditional Mom


So, my traditional mom is very simple and normal. She is the one who has never thought about herself and has always placed her family before anything. Her world is her husband and children and that is what matters to her because right from her childhood she was taught that she would have to get married and bear children and that is what is expected from her. So this is my version of traditional mom who is more or less our 19th century mom.



2- Savvy Mom



Now a contrast to the traditional mom is my tech savvy mom who is the new age mom or the modern mom. She is the one who is all updated about the latest gadgets, apps, software. It's like anything you name it and she knows it  and if she doesn't know about anything she immediately googles about it. So, this is the kind of addiction she has towards technology and anything related to it. She is also the one who has accounts on all major social media platforms be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. 


3- All Rounder Mom



Now what is my definition of being an all rounder mom??? She is the one who is like a super woman. She is one who works(part time or full time) and at the same time manages everything be it household, children, husband, in laws etc with always a smile on her face. She is a very disciplined person and has a set schedule for everything she does... well that's her mantra for being successful.



4- Socialite Mom



As the name suggests she is a true socialite. Any happening event or party and you are sure to find her. She will give our celebrities a run for their money as she is the most well maintained and best dressed mom in the circle. She is bang on when it comes to fashion, lifestyle and networking. You will find her in all major groups and she also enjoys going to the kitty party.


5- Just Mom



She is very similar to my traditional mom with just one difference i.e. she places her children before anyone in this world(even her husband sometimes).She is like a saint who has renounced everything for her children. Her life is completely dedicated to her kids well being and nothing else gives her happiness in comparison to a smile on her kids face.



6- Chilled Out Mom



My chilled out mom is a no fuss mom as she doesn't take too much stress for anything. She is a normal person who enjoys her life and doesn't let family and kids affect her too much. 



7- Perfectionist Mom


She is my no nonsense mom. She wants everything to be perfect( I am serious when I say perfect, that's the word)....

Her house needs to be clean and tidy all the time, she needs to look perfect all the time, the kids need to behave well all the time etc etc. In short everything needs to be the way it has to be according to her.



8- Buddy Mom



She is my friendly mom. She believes in the philosophy of befriending your kids and so her relationship with her kids is not that of a mother and child but a friendly one. This helps in her communication between them more effective and meaningful. She has a strong bond with her kids as they do not hesitate in sharing anything with her.


9- Suggestion Box Mom


This mom of mine has a suggestion or comment for anything and everything. She feels she is the Wikipedia of motherhood and so is ever ready to share her knowledge and wisdom with fellow mommies. From giving advice on trivial things to the most serious matter, she has it all under her belt.

OK so that's my list.

Now coming to which category of Mom am I??

Well, I feel I am a combination of tech savvy, chilled out and buddy mom right now (This may change in the future so holding on to these 3 right now)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in the article are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect BabyChakra's point of view. BabyChakra does not assume any responsibility for the views expressed in the article


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