Why is Storytelling Important in Early Childhood Years?

Why is Storytelling Important in Early Childhood Years?

23 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read

Aritra Raj

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Storytelling has existed since time immemorial. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of education. Hardly there’s any child who doesn’t like to listen to stories. There are many parents who think their child is hyperactive and is not interested in stories. Try different ways to engage your child and introduce her to the fantastical world of storytelling.



Here are some of the proven benefits of storytelling in the early childhood years:

Develop Listening Skills: Children learn to listen and grasp information. This is very important at the developmental stage of communication in the kids. The better the listener, the better will be her ability to think and process the ideas at a later stage.


Think and think more!: While digital stories are very much in vogue and attractive but essentially they are one way communication. In the traditional oral storytelling, there’s a lot of interaction between the storyteller and the listeners. This makes the little ones think. Imagine. Ponder. Wonder.

Often ,the young listeners amaze me by coming up with such logical analysis of a particular situation or character in a given story that I’ve  probably never heard before.


Emotions  & Expression: Stories facilitate expression. The different types of stories expose the children to the varying human emotions. This  makes the kids compassionate and sows the seed for further thinking and imagination. It helps the kids in better articulating what they want to say.

When Learning is Fun: Stories are educative in many ways. Kids learn newer words, they understand there are different kind of people all around us. They are more aware of the cultural variations that exists within our country and in the whole world. Also, the moral stories are great for instilling the right virtues in the early years or series like Pepper or Bubbles are good for teaching life lessons.


Memory Booster: When a child loves a particular story , he tries to re tell it in his own way. This definitely boosts the child’s memory and when is able to narrate the story, his feels good about himself and more confident too.

Stories are indeed magical. They compose the mind of a child who is easily distracted and provide food for thought for our little thinkers. It has a great of positivity in shaping the overall personality of a child.


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