Study Says Men Who Do Housework Get Better Action In Bedroom

Study Says Men Who Do Housework Get Better Action In Bedroom

23 Mar 2018 | 3 min Read

Preeti Athri

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Ladies, you might want to show this to your husband. A new research says that men who want better action in the bedroom must help in the housework.


Picture this, a woman who does most of the chores at home, supervises the maid, manages kids’ schedules, juggles office work while her husband just sips tea while browsing over his phone is not going to be raring for a roll in the hay. For all we know, she’s going to be mighty frustrated and exhausted.


Anne Bennett, Director at Florida State University’s Pepper Institute and the co-author in the study, said, “Feelings of unfairness in housework and other aspects of your marriage can be corrosive to the relationship.” So if the husband leaves his male chauvinism behind and helps his wife, he will have a more rested, happier and loving wife who will have more time for sex.


Researchers looked at three perspectives to see how dividing of household work affects sexual relationships.

The first suggests that household chores and work take up a person’s limited time. So if someone has to do extra work around the house, that cuts into the available time for sex, as discussed earlier.

The second suggests that couples look more at how housework is divided and judge whether or not it is distributed evenly, or whether or not someone is only doing “woman’s work” or “man’s work.”

The third perspective is fairness. This points out whether or not each partner feels the distribution of housework is fair. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an even distribution of work, but it needs to be seen as equitable.


It was found that fairness in marriage, led to more sexual satisfaction.


Women have a lot more to do today, but the 50-year-old opinion that they’re still  largely responsible for housework has not changed much. This has greatly increased domestic quarrels and marital problems.


So husbands, leave the old notions and assumptions. If you want to look desirable for your wife, wash the dishes, keep the towel where it belongs, or just know where and how things are kept in the house. Who knows? You might have an entirely vibrant experience in the bedroom that you would never feel like giving up. 🙂


Disclaimer: Information has been sourced from medicalxpress.


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