When Is It Safe To Travel During Pregnancy?

When Is It Safe To Travel During Pregnancy?

Planning to Travel during pregnancy? Here are the things you should absolutely know!

Pregnancy is a long phase of 40 weeks, which is followed by puerperium (postpartum period of 6 weeks). It is understandably difficult, in the present-day world, not to travel anywhere during this long period. Thus, here is some information that can help you be safe, and enjoy traveling while pregnant.

Is it safe for me to travel during pregnancy?

Whether you can travel during pregnancy or not, is dependent on multiple factors. As far as you do not have any identified concerns or complications during pregnancy, you can use most of the modes of traveling. The ideal phase of travel should be during the second trimester. By then, you are most likely to be over your morning sickness of first trimester, and not prone to fatigue as easily as in the third trimester. Also, most of the baby’s vital organs will have formed by now.


Air Travel

What precautions should I take while my air travel during pregnancy?

Again, it is safe for you to fly while pregnant. The best time to do so is the second trimester, as during this phase, chances of preterm labour and miscarriage are much lesser. Flying during pregnancy, especially for long-haul, international travel is recommended during this phase. If you are in the early phase of third trimester, you can travel by air but less than 250 miles, that means you can travel to nearby cities or In other words, domestic travel only.

Other than that, here are certain things to keep in mind during your flight travel during pregnancy:

Do’s for air travel:

  • Carry your obstetrician’s file along with details of your due date.
  • While fastening your seat-belt, make sure you put it over your upper thigh.
  • If your flight is in turbulence, make sure you keep your seat belt fastened all the time.
  • If your flight journey is of a longer duration, take a little walk on board.
  • Take an aisle seat, if possible, so that you can move around in the flight with ease.

Don’ts for air travel:

  • Avoid travel, if your pregnancy is beyond 36 weeks.
  • If you have placenta related issues or it is a high-risk pregnancy, avoid flying while pregnant.
  • If your doctor has said a strict NO for travel after assessing your condition, you should avoid air travel.


Usually, a couple takes a trip abroad during the second trimester of pregnancy. This is done to strengthen the bond between the couple as well as the growing baby in the womb; ‘Babymoon’ if you may.

What things should I keep in mind, if I am going for a road trip?

Traveling by car is the best mode of transportation during pregnancy. You can travel by car from your first day of pregnancy till your last day. However, there are certain pointers that you should keep in your mind, while doing so:

  • Prefer the side-driver seat during your journey
  • Wear your seat-belt throughout the journey
  • Strap the upper belt between your breast and over your shoulder, keeping in mind it shouldn’t be around your abdomen; while the lower strap should be over your thighs
  • Take a break every 1½-2 hours for a small walk (for increasing blood circulation in your legs) as well as use of washrooms to release bladder pressure


woman driving car

You can even drive a car during pregnancy till about 32 weeks or even longer, as long as the distance between your belly and the steering is more than 1 foot.

Is it safe to travel using public transport?

Use of public transport for traveling when pregnant is very tricky as there are chances of a little push here and there. However, if the travel duration is very short (less than 30 minutes), then you can use public modes like buses. While traveling in bus, prefer front seats over rear ones. If you have to travel in a rickshaw, ask the driver to drive at a slow pace and avoid jerks as much as possible. But this type of travel is also recommended only up to 32 weeks and only if you don’t have any complications. Train travel for short as well as long distance is permissible.

Talk to your doctor and a green chit for your travel before any kind of long journey to ensure no unnecessary hiccups!


Disclaimer: The information in the article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor. 

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