Fine Motor Skills Activity - Milking A Cow

Fine Motor Skills Activity - Milking A Cow

Last summer vacations, we visited my in-laws. They have many cows at home..My curious preschoolers saw the milkman milking the cows by applying oil and tying the legs of the cow.


Yesterday afternoon, they asked if this vacation also, they will visit their grandparents and see milkman  uncle milking cow. Since we are not visiting them this year, it made them very sad.



So, I thought of cheering them up by making a DIY pretend play activity for them.


They both enjoyed this play by milking cow with hands-on activity. It was totally a win win situation for us.



You can play this activity with your kids and it will be a  good learning from them.


Material required: 

  • Waste Cardboard (to draw cow)
  • Surgical gloves
  • Tapes to stick
  • Vessel for milk
  • Flour and water (to make artificial milk)
  • Needle to prick
  • Oil to apply

  1. Draw and cut out a Cow on a cardboard (I took the cardboard,which I had stored from a product delivered at my place)
  2. Sticked the cutout cow to the easel of my kids...
  3. In the surgical gloves, fill the artificial milk made of flour and water and tie it with a knot.
  4. Stick this glove to the back of easel.


Teach your kids how to milk a cow by pricking the gloves with a needle.




This activity will work towards their fine motor skill development and hand eye coordination skill.


My boys played this for hours and even asked questions like how much litres of milk does cow give, etc??


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