Book Review: The Magic Sky By Lucy Richards

Book Review: The Magic Sky By Lucy Richards

A particular favourite of mine as it’s my dream to watch the northern lights. I hope one day, I can make this dream come true along with my son and hubby. Till then, like this little bear, I shall patiently await my turn.


One night at bedtime, Rory’s mother tells him all about the “magic sky.”  The little polar bear is so excited to see it. But how long will he have to wait?


He keeps asking his mother whether he will get to witness the magic sky today.  The little bear is told he can view the magic sky after five more bedtimes – which is quite a long time to wait. Rory passes the days fishing with his Dad, sledging with his friends and learning to swim.


At last the day of the magic sky arrives, Rory is playing outside waiting for the evening to see the beautiful magical sky. But just then a big snowstorm blows up and he gets lost. All is well as Mum comes to find him and gives him a reassuring bear hug.


The magic sky that Rory sees is a real phenomenon. It is called the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and can be seen in the Arctic and far northern hemisphere. The dazzling lights appear to move across the sky like natural fireworks.


A definite keepsake for your home libraries.


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