Colorful Bookmarks: Fun DIY Activity for Children

The new academic year has already begun and my children have started with their summer break as well.

On the last day of the school, my kids wanted to gift something to the class teacher of your previous class First, I thought buying a pen or some stationery from market.But then I came up with idea of making colorful bookmarks.

My boys enjoyed making these and they also received a lot of appreciation as these were handmade.



Why don’t you try them with your children?


Materials used:

  • Felt sheets in different colours
  • Popsicles stick coloured (You can even ask your kids to colour)
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Handy Material etc for decoration



Since it is the summer season and to beat the heat we all love ice-cream, popsicle, I chose ice-cream as our theme to make bookmarks.

  • Cut ice-cream shapes from felt sheets of the colour you like.For older kids, you can draw and they can cut with your help.
  • Paste the felt cut-out with hot glue gun in the popsicle sticks.Decorate with googly eyes, leftover felt cutouts,or even foam cutouts.


Easy and cost effective handmade gifts are ready.


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