Nutrition After Baby: Excerpts Of Live Chat With Nutritionist Dhvani Shah

Nutrition After Baby: Excerpts Of Live Chat With Nutritionist Dhvani Shah

Taking care of yourself after delivery is as important as pregnancy care. A  healthy diet and the right exercises can help the new mum recuperate from the stress of delivery and pave way for a healthy breastfeeding journey. We asked Naturopathic nutritionist Dhvani Shah to give our mums some advice on what to eat after child birth. Read on for some great information!


Q: Little pain still remains in my back after delivery, can you please guide me with a diet to  say bye to back pain?

A: The back is strained during delivery, it may not be a deficiency. Do a proper stretching/ exercising routine. Add these foods to your diet for stronger core; - 1 tsp til (soaked overnight) on waking up - 1 cup dahi twice a day - banana & walnut milkshake


Q: What are the essential nutrients to be taken as supplement for a mom after delivery? How many times in a week we can have dal as protein? Some quick summer tips for what to be included in lunch excluding salad and buttermilk would help. What should be eaten in dinner if we r on diet?

A: Please remember- there is not one tip or 1 rule for everyone. Each  body is different & reacts differently to foods and meal times.

Since this chat is for post pregnancy nutrition- I will stick to those questions. each mom needs a balance of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin b complex to name a few. Instead of going in for supplements, a balanced diet, freshly cooked food, fresh fruits, nuts, fish provide all the nourishment that a mom needs.


Q: It's been a month since my normal delivery; my tummy is still there and I feel like I'm still pregnant can you suggest a good diet and exercise?

A: If you have bloating or gas, reduce the intake of wheat and eat more raw fruits & veggies. Start with light  exercises.


Q: My baby is 3 months old and my milk supply has reduced can you help me with some diet to increase milk supply?

A: Have 1 cup milk with a little ashwagandha, shatavari, saunf and elaichi at bedtime. Add more of sprouts, paneer and fish in your diet. Eat a mix of roasted seeds with some fruit for your mid meal snack. Stop wheat and switch over to millets like jowar, bajra or ragi.


Q: Could you suggest a good diet for a hypothyroid patient?

A: Hypothyroid if induced during pregnancy happens due to sudden hormonal shift that can be controlled after pregnancy and gradually cured. It is important to completely cut off sugar and sweets from your diet. Going vegan helps too (I.e no animal foods). Eat lots of sprouts, millets, nuts, fresh fruit, soymilk and green leafy vegetables


Q: I'm exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and my gynaecologist told me that if I do that I will lose my weight but I don't think I'm losing my weight, instead I'm gaining. I'm planning to breastfeed till 6 Months.. Can't I lose weight before that?

A: Breastfeeding in itself is a process that burns fat gradually. However, eating right is of utmost importance to make that happen. Eat small frequent meals. Eat nuts and fruit first thing on waking up as opposed to tea or coffee. Reduce the intake of artificial sugars or packet foods including biscuits and ketchup. Eat wheat once once a day, replace the other meals with millets or even rice. Make sure you get enough rest, drink water and begin with light exercises to help burn fat.


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