Should I Be Taking The TORCH Tests After Miscarriage?

Should I Be Taking The TORCH Tests After Miscarriage?

Each expecting mom should know what a positive torch test after miscarriage can mean for her and what are the chances of having another baby.


What is TORCH disease?

TORCH stands for a group of lethal infectious diseases namely, Toxoplasmosis, Other agents (like HIV, syphilis, varicella and fifth disease), Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes Simplex.


If you get infected with either one of the TORCH infections while you’re pregnant, it may pass through the placenta to your baby and infect it too. As your baby is still growing, his immune system may not be able to fight it and his organs may not develop properly, leading to several complications. Depending on your baby’s condition, there could be a number of things, from jaundice to hearing troubles, miscarriage and even stillbirth, that the TORCH infections can lead to.


What does a torch test positive after miscarriage indicate?

A TORCH infection during pregnancy can be one of the causes for a miscarriage, but is rarely the cause for multiple miscarriages. In fact, there are many testing labs that offer TORCH screen testing on a routine basis.


A positive torch test in pregnancy simply means that you have positive antibodies against a specific TORCH micro-organism. There are mainly 2 types of antibodies - IgG and IgM. For e.g., a positive torch IgG for toxoplasmosis means that there are antibodies that can protect you in case of a repeat toxoplasmosis infection. This means, a positive torch test is actually a good sign, after miscarriage indicating that you have been exposed to it in the past and you have the necessary antibodies to fight against it. Unfortunately, many women believe that a positive torch infection means that there is an active infection which can cause a miscarriage again.


If there is an active outbreak during your pregnancy or if you are trying to have a baby again, it is best to talk to your OB-GYN about your concerns regarding TORCH. Each pregnancy is different, and your second pregnancy after a miscarriage can be completely smooth and trouble-free too.   


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