Will You Dance During Labour To Get Baby Out?

Will You Dance During Labour To Get Baby Out?

All expecting mamas out there want to know how labor feels like and how to make it bearable? If you're pregnant, you've probably thinking how you will survive labour and delivery more than actual parenthood. And if you have already had a baby, you must be wondering how you sailed through it all?


Stories of extreme pain during labour or  C-section heard from veteran moms and movies tend to scare mums-to-be. There are many time-tested and modern ways to shorten labour or ease the birthing process. Some grandmothers swear by ghee, birthing experts may recommend deep breathing, but if a certain video is to be believed, dancing seems to be the next labour fad.


A video showing a hospital room has a doctor-patient  duo dancing away to the popular Bollywood song, “Swing”. The viral video seems to be based in Ludhiana, and the mum-to-be in the video looks like she is completely at ease as she shimmies, shakes and waits for her C-section, we’re guessing.


We are not aware of the authentication of the video. But dancing sure looks like a fun way to say bye to fear and uncertainty before childbirth. We don’t know if dancing will work against the crippling pains of normal delivery but it might just work as labour and delivery are ultimately, a mind thing.


Check out the video below.



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