A Novel Gift To Your Mom This Mother’s Day

A Novel Gift To Your Mom This Mother’s Day

9 May 2018 | 3 min Read


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My Mom is a great cook, said one

My mother manages house and work excellently, believed another. 

My mamma never forgets a single thing, she is perfect, proudly said one. 

My Ma is superhuman, superhero and so on…


Such arere the posts recently in social media as mother’s day is approaching or I say social media is flooded with delightful messages for mother. How we all tribute our success to her is not new as mothers are so special. Mother’s care and concern cannot be delivered by anyone, as their single touch makes us feel relaxed and confident. God has sent angels in everyone’s life and mother’s magic wand vanishes all our troubles.


But surely it’s not an easy task to do each and everything flawlessly, how much pressure mothers take, I am sure it cannot be measured on any scale. If you say a mother do not stress for a day and go out and relax, then outing is more stressful for them as their entire concentration is on the concern for the tasks. As we cannot replace an alphabet with another, any person cannot replace mother and neither can anybody take her stress levels. I remember saying to my mom that why don’t you rest for a week and she answered beautifully “I am never tired with such tasks, it’s only that sometimes my energy levels does not match my passion of motherhood”.  Now what could I answer to this but I surely remember her lines when I have to do multitasking.


So what can be done to de stress our loving mothers? Something that express love, care and less time consuming as mothers are most busy person in the world. Head massage with nourishing oil, which de-stress all tensions and relaxes a person with beautiful aromatic massage.

How easy to make your mother energetic and revitalizing again in few minutes and that too you spend some quality time with your loved one. A simple head massage shall make her relaxed of all worries for some time and you actually get to do something for your loving mother.


A wonderful and special gift to your mother that is also novel one and is not a usual gifts like gadgets, dress, books or kitchen appliances. And the best part is that your mother will feel the care you are showering on her.


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