7 Tips On Feeding Toddlers While Travelling

7 Tips On Feeding Toddlers While Travelling

Here’s how you can manage toddler's food on a trip:


1. Carry some home cooked food  items which has long life like thepla or wheat sticks which can be given when you can’t find food anywhere.


2. Carry ready food items like dal makhana, no preservative cookies or wafers..


3. Carry ready-to-eat toddler food like poha, roasted rawa, ragi or the variety of options available in market..


4. Ask for finger foods like french fries or popcorn to entertain then.


5. You can easily find rice, khichdi, potato fries, bread jam, fruits and other toddler friendly food in any hotel.


6. When stepping out of hotel make sure to keep some of above mentioned food in your bag for tantrums and emergency..


7. When nothing else works, milk can always be your savior !! 


If you are able to balance food and sleep schedule of your toddler  properly on trip then 90% of your work is done.. You can expect your toddler to be all playful then. 


P.S- If your little one is allergic to any food product, then make sure to check the ingredients before giving it to them.


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