Here's What Moms Really Really Want For Mother's Day

Here's What Moms Really Really Want For Mother's Day

Yes dearies, it's that time of the year again! Don't you remember? That very day when we are supposed to be given cards, flowers, fridge magnets, body lotion kits and discounts on burgers.

Yup, yup. Mother's Day is here and they're asking us to feel mushy and all-important as everyone acknowledges (or pretends to) us for all the sacrifices we've made and all that jazz.

Yes, we like to be celebrated and everything, but before you bring out the gifts, let us tell you something.

You see, we don't mind getting the discounts and the vouchers, but to be honest, we would prefer something more important. Something that we've been yearning for since we became mums. You wanna know what we really want for Mother's Day? Here goes...

1. Sleep

We need 8 hours of uninterrupted, blissful sleep all wrapped up in a nice box and no alarms please.

2. A day (or few) off

We are tired of cooking, cleaning, managing the kids schedules, washing, supervising maids etc day in and day out. You know what would be great? A deep cleaning service as a present.

3. A way to shut off unwanted advice

Can anybody invent a device that lets us filter out all the 'well-meaning' advice that we get from everywhere? That would delight us for sure.

4. Some peace

How about one day of, 'Ja mummy ja! ji le apni Zindagi?' While you take charge of the kids cometely? Not too much to ask, no?

5. A nice maid

This gift is better than getting a diamond. You will be eternally blessed if you get us this.

6. Chocolate and pizza that burns calories

Please someone invent this and dedicate it to us mums who need to binge eat because we are exhausted all the time.

7. Compliments

It doesn't hurt to say, ' Wow, you're doing such a great job raising kids,' does it? Please say it often, we love it.

8. Gratitude

A, 'thank you' now and then doesn't hurt either.

9. A device that lowers worry levels only for mums

We have to multitask and we worry too much that we can't multitask and then we worry that we worry too much. So, ya.

10. A regular, reliable babysitter

We deserve a break once in a while and not once in a year, for heaven's sake. Please get someone we can trust the kids with. And if you're the husband, do it yourself. And if you're the child, behave yourself.

11. A robot who will teach my kids to clean up

And teach them to not interrupt when we mums are in the bathroom

So there you have it. An honest list of what we want for Mother's Day. We love our kids and our family, but we love ourselves too and we are human even if you think otherwise.


So gift us some sanity. Thank you.

PS: If you don't get that nice maid(which we're pretty sure you won't) then gift us the diamond, we won't mind.

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