10 Confessions Of A First Time Mother

10 Confessions Of A First Time Mother

16 May 2018 | 6 min Read

Mohita Saxena

Author | 5 Articles

Motherhood is an experience that is beyond the array of even the floweriest of words. It is a state of mind that is eternally euphoric, challenging and overwhelmingly precious. As a young girl, I often looked up to my mother as an epitome of compassion, selflessness and love. I used to be over the moon about the fact that perhaps, there was one person in the whole, wide world who would always put me before herself and wish nothing but the best for me. In a world, reeling with selfish and competitive people around, I thought this was something way too valuable! Little did I realize at that vulnerable age that this was a blessing that perhaps, every child in the world is bestowed upon with. Right from the cradle to the grave, every baby that arrives in this world tags along a guardian angel in the form of a mother.

The masters of wisdom have waxed eloquent about the purity, selflessness and undiluted affection that mothers effortlessly ooze and are cherished for, since times immemorial. Motherhood is undoubtedly, a life-changing experience. It transforms a woman in ways that are truly miraculous and unfathomable. I remember how overjoyed I was when I found out that we were going to be parents! My husband was thrilled but slightly nervous with the thought of bringing a new life into this world but I was on cloud nine. I knew this was the next big thing that life had planned for me and I was more than happy to take on the responsibility that we were about to be blessed with.
I can’t even begin to share my excitement when I saw my baby boy being taken out of my uterus in the operation theatre. Despite the nausea of the anaesthesia, I clearly remember every single detail of the birth of my first-born. My family was beaming with joy with the arrival of a grandchild and celebrations were in the air. Everyone wanted to join in the mirth and celebrate his much-awaited presence. However, I was equally enthralled with the dawn of a new role in my life – the day my son arrived in this world, I was reborn as a mother!

It’s been a year of wonderful motherhood – we’ve already made countless memories together, filled in a thousand photo albums, relived my childhood all over again. My baby is the best thing that has ever happened to me! He has now made me realize what it feels to have your heart beat outside your body. His thoughts consume every waking moment of my life and I can’t begin to thank the Almighty for blessing me with a gift so special!

However, no matter how much I adore this new life, I would not hesitate to confess that it wasn’t particularly an easy ride! The joys of motherhood are also accompanied by numbing struggles, everyday transformations and unprecedented circumstances that may trigger a host of newfound emotions, hormonal changes and unpredictable mood swings.

Here are some of the confessions and recommendations that I would love to share as a first time mother.

  • Life isn’t going to be the same anymore! The fact that you’ve just taken on the responsibility of bringing up a tiny version of yourself could be quite daunting in itself. The reality may knock you off your senses in the early days.
  • Motherhood is going to be difficult, demanding and exhaustive. It may tire your bones to the hilt and topsy-turvy your life completely in the initial few days bit it’s all going to be worth it. You are about to usher into the golden phase of your life. So just sit back and relax. Eventually, everything is going to fall into place. Do not allow the teething troubles to dampen your mommyhood spirit!
  • Learn to get over the ‘Mommy Guilt’! Your baby is going to be fine and might take some time to adjust in the new world that he/she has just arrived in. Remember you and your family are doing your best, and you alone are in no way responsible for your baby’s discomfort during the early days. By and by, everything is going to fall into a rhythm. Let time spell its magic! Be patient.
  • Be prepared to witness your body undergoing a frenzied mayhem of hormonal changes. It’s inevitable and there’s nothing that you could do about it. Reach out to your husband to get some much needed warmth, encouragement and pampering.
  • Embrace yourself to be swept away by a wide array of overwhelming emotions. Being a mother is an instinctive journey and it definitely doesn’t come with a manual. You will learn on-the-go and be a pro at it, as time rolls by.
  • Post-partum depression is a reality! Eventually the exhaustion of child birth and hormonal disharmony are going to take their toll on you. Remember it’s perfectly natural to feel low and not appreciate the ‘new you’ for the initial few days.
  • Perhaps, nothing would gross you out anymore! You would find yourself having a brush with poop, puke and other not-so-pleasant experiences on a very frequent basis. The worldly filth wouldn’t really bother you much henceforth. It would also bring out the humane side in you and teach you a thing or two about compassion and empathy.
  • You may miss indulging in the simple pleasures of life. A midnight coffee,a solitary walk on a quiet evening, a clandestine dinner date with hubby or a reading spree on a rainy day may now be a thing of the past. You are now going to be surrounded with responsibility 24X7 and would need to be around for your little one all the time, sacrificing your much needed rest or recreation.
  • You may not appreciate or swallow all the mommyhood advice coming your way! It’s going to rain a plethora of unsolicited suggestions, recommendations and warnings. Don’t get bogged down by their overwhelming volume. Be a patient listener but a picky follower! Follow your instincts and you are anyways going to learn-on-the-go. No one’s born as a perfect mother!
  • It’s natural to be hit by pangs of nostalgia as you struggle to settle into your new role! You may definitely want to go back in the sands of time and relive the carefree, reckless and unfettered days of independence but these are just ephemeral emotions and would gradually fade away. You’ll find yourself being increasingly consumed with thoughts of your little bundle of joy!

Life is a beautiful collection of memories and motherhood is the most perfect album to preserve and nurture those memories for all times to come. A little patience, perseverance and optimism is all it takes to be a healthy, happy and exuberant mother.

Happy mothers raise happy children!


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