7 Tips For New Moms On Surviving The 4th Trimester

7 Tips For New Moms On Surviving The 4th Trimester

Having a baby changes you in a number of ways, both physically and mentally. Yes! you can continue to gain weight, you lose weight and then you strive to maintain it. Your LBD (the forgotten little black dress) is not your best friend anymore unless you want those drools and curdled milk embellishing it. Your favourite handbag is outdone by the cute diaper bag. You may forget to apply lipstick but you would definitely remember to carry an extra pair of clothes for your baby while going out. Welcome to parenthood Mommies! Juggling between all the household chores while adapting to the new role of a mom can leave you tired, weary and cranky.

My journey to motherhood too started like most of you. Becoming a baby feeding machine overnight, endless cycles of changing diapers,dealing with the rash,freaking out at the colour of poop, seeing projectiles of vomits every second day and the list can go on and on. The 4th trimester is indeed a roller coaster ride!

And, between all this, the hormones play their own game leaving you sad, anxious and irritable at times. As a new mom, you become vulnerable. I tried few things to keep myself sane and calm. Providing a serene aura around my little one became my priority.

Also, even after tweaking my lifestyle and habits, I still have a  long way to go. Being happy all the time is quite unrealistic. I do have my break down moments but now I am mindful and am constantly learning from my mistakes.



One thing I learnt over this period of time (pregnancy to delivery) is to be patient. I mean c’mon, I baked this little bun of love for 9 months. This gives me hope that all the days of colic and constant crying shall too pass. Staying calm not only sends good vibes to my baby, but also it makes her less cranky. Babies are intelligent creatures. They sense your anxiety. I try to play white noise or any sermon to calm her down. I don’t know whether she likes it or it is because of the monotony, she goes to sleep in a while.


Reconsider Your Priorities

Do not put so much pressure on yourself.
It is OK to feel too tired to do anything, it is OK to leave the house in a mess. It is OK to look like a homeless beggar and skip the bath because the baby wants to cling to you the whole time. Remember you're doing the most important job in this world 'Raising and nurturing a life'. Kudos to you Momma. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Delegate Tasks

Being an independent woman, this one is quite tough to do. But trust me, you would love the “Me” time you get after sharing responsibilities.
Take help from friends and family. I hand over my baby girl to the family once she is well fed. Ah, a long shower does feel good at times!


Get out of the house

It is great to be a stay at home mom. It is also great to not miss all those little day-to-day moments. But it’s really helpful to breathe some fresh air and go out of the house. Just wash your face and brush your hair and leave the comfort of your home.
For me, I need a change of scenery frequently. Going for an evening walk (getting up in the morning after those sleepless nights is impossible) refreshes my mind and I am back to my cheerful self.


Choose the positive, ignore the rest

As a new mom, you are a magnet to unsolicited advice. Trust your own instincts. Mother intuition is a real thing. I generally follow the suggestions that resonate with my style of child rearing. The rest is ignored with a smile.


Spending time with your spouse

O that’s my favourite! Spending quality time with my hub is an imperative part of my routine.‍ Be it watching a random TV show together or just grabbing a bite, the goal is to simply get some time with each other.


It isn’t all that difficult though

Motherhood make you unbiased, empathic and beautiful. Enjoy this journey before these little ones grow up. In a blink of the eye my baby girl is already 3 months old! Click a lot of pictures and make tons of memories. There will be stress and no sleep, but everything is overshadowed by your little one’s giggles and laughter.


New mommies, share with me your mantra of staying calm and sane? Write in the comments below.

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