Tips To Protect Your Child From Rainy Season Diseases

Tips To Protect Your Child From Rainy Season Diseases

Rainy Season is here and so is the season of diseases. Though, it is a beautiful season but it brings countless diseases along and if proper measures are taken then we can definitely keep our kids free from the diseases.


Here’re some easy tips to keep your children safe from getting sick:

  • Send kids off to school with proper rain gear.
  • Make sure your kids drink only clean water.
  • Guide children on proper hand washing.
  • Seek your doctor’s advice on vaccinating and medicines.
  • Give your kids healthy foods for proper nutrition.
  • Don’t let them go barefoot in dirty water.
  • Give them a warm shower after they are drenched.
  • Do not let them have street food or uncooked food.
  • If your baby catches a mild cold or something, consult your doctor and take proper care.
  • Keep your surroundings clean.


It doesn’t mean that we should stop them from having fun in the rains but prevention is always better than cure, right?


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