Natural Ways To Recover After C Section Procedure

Natural Ways To Recover After C Section Procedure

Giving birth is definitely no easy task irrespective of whether it is a natural one or a c-section. While the most preferred option is to plan a normal delivery, some women go through the long ordeal of a c-section procedure. This may be a personal choice or due to some medical condition or emergency that prevents the mother from delivering naturally.

Needless to say, a mother delivering through a c-section procedure has a longer and more painful recovery period which often surpasses that of a natural birth. However, irrespective of how you deliver, your baby would surely need you to be on your toes right from day one, making the healing process even slower and more painful.

While you can do nothing about the way your little one enters this world, you can definitely make your c-section recovery and healing process less painful and quicker by following these natural recovery tips that would enable you to enjoy motherhood to the fullest.

Tips for C-section recovery

Pain is the most common and the most prevalent side effect of a c-section procedure.  If you have had a c-section procedure recently, your doctor might have prescribed some anti-inflammatory drugs to help you manage your pain. However, that comes with its own set of side-effects like nausea, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, and various other complications.

Here are a few natural tips and natural remedies that could speed your c-section recovery process and help you rebound from the aftermath of your c-section procedure sans any side-effects:


Massaging your hand, feet, and the suture region is said to have immense benefit in easing the post-operative pain linked with the c-section procedure. Massaging improves blood circulation in the suture region, rejuvenates the skin, and minimizes the c-section scar. However, before you do so, please do check with your gynaecologist. Using an  anti-inflammatory essential oil like lavender, rosehip seed, chamomile, etc. can also help you with your nausea that you may have post delivery. Try heat therapy on your suture region that can ease your pain and relax your muscles.


essential oils

Eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet

Your body needs to come out of the recovery mode and that is only possible if it gets all the necessary nutrients that are required for cell rejuvenation and healing. You need to ensure that your diet comprises of easily digestible and fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, animal or plant protein, slow digesting carbohydrates like potato, quinoa and brown rice, nuts, essential fats, and flavonoids. Since constipation is a very common side-effect of a c-section procedure, ensure that your diet plan takes into account the necessary amount of fluids and fibres that can help you pass your stools easily.


vegetables and fruits

Don't Skip your Vitamins or Health Supplements

While pain, soreness, and exhaustion from tending to the newborn would have already taken a toll on you, you may be tempted to skip a meal and go to bed early. This may make you nutrient deficient and weaker. It is thus advisable that you don’t go light on your vitamins and health supplements that your doctor prescribes you. Remember, only if you are healthy, you can ensure your infant’s well-being.

Apply Honey and Aloe Vera Dressing on your Sutures

Honey and aloe vera are known for their anti-inflammatory and healing properties. A regular dressing of honey and aloe vera on your sutures is believed to accelerate your wound healing and help you rebound faster. However, do check with your doctor before trying out Ayurvedic dressing for your sutures.



Get Adequate Sleep

We completely agree that sleep is a distant dream for a mother post delivery, your body definitely requires as much care as your newborn if you have undergone a c-section procedure. Ensure that you have someone to support you and help you manage your baby for at least a few months post the surgery so that you can give your body the necessary time it requires for healing.

While your body would surely need some time to recover fully from a delivery of any kind, a c-section recovery would definitely need more time, attention, and patience. Get immediate medical intervention in case you experience any sudden pain or are worried about any symptoms that you are facing.


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