Skincare Checklist For Pregnant Moms

Skincare Checklist For Pregnant Moms

While you are busy taking care of your baby, it is important not to forget to nourish yourself. While being pregnant your body is often overworked and undergoing a lot of changes while reacting to the baby inside. Check these items of your skincare routine that provide an all-rounded nourishment and rejuvenating package to help your skin sustain during the pregnancy.

1.  Calming Skincare Bundle by The Moms Co.

Our Calming Skin Care Bundle is perfect for a soothing and moisturising routine for those little moments you manage to steal for yourself. While Lavender and Patchouli Essential Oils in our body wash relax and calm you, Shea butter and oils like Rosehip, Organic Chamomile and Organic Jojoba in our Lotion provide deep nourishment for your overworked body.


2.  Skin + Body Belly Oil by GAIA Skin Naturals

Suitable for all skin types and all ages, it contains pure organic rosehip - a rich source of vitamins, essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants to rehydrate and rejuvenate skin, especially when dry. It’s the perfect blend of organic oils to smooth lines and soften scars, improving the overall appearance of skin and stretch marks.

3.  Bye Bye Blemishes by Mamaearth

Are you wondering how to get rid of blemishes and dark spots on your face? Bye Bye Blemishes is specifically formulated to reduce pigmentation by restricting the melanin deposit, which appear as dark spots on the face. Organic daisy flower and mulberry extract in me have been traditionally used to treat hyper-pigmentation. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal, and contains no harsh chemicals like SLS, paraben and mineral oil.


4. Hand & Foot Care Lotion by Nature Touch

Foot & Hand care organic lotion on the palm of your hand, apply on the feet & hands, and massage gently. The application of this lotion is more effective at night while wear a pair of socks over the application to keep it intact. But one may chose not to wear socks and that’s absolutely fine.


5.  Facial Glow- Nature Inspire Lotion by Nature Touch

Nature Inspired organic body lotion on the palm of your hand. Apply on towel dried skin after a shower/wash & massage gently focusing on the dried areas of the skin. Contains ingredients like Organic Almond oil, Calendula oil, Chamomile oil, Organic Aloe Vera gel, Rose oil and Organic Coconut. Better result may be seen upon regular use.

6. Anti-Itch Oil by Poshtik Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy changes the body in many ways, resulting in some rather harmless annoyances. Like itching due to increased blood supply to the skin. To address this issue, we have the anti-itch oil. 100% natural and made from edible ingredients, no parabens, no added fragrances, no petrochemicals, no added colorants and no preservatives. For best results, apply every morning from the second trimester of pregnancy, and post-delivery.



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