Baby Formation Stages During Pregnancy

Baby Formation Stages During Pregnancy

From the moment you conceive, your baby would be going through a lot of developmental stages.  While you can feel your baby better after the second part of your second trimester and also feel its movements more decisively, the first part of your pregnancy journey is more of a mystery!

Baby In Womb

But that’s when the fetus would grow from a mere cluster of cells to a more human-like baby.  If you are interested in understanding the various stages of a baby in the womb, read on. We would take you trimester wise through the journey of pregnancy to help you get some insights on the baby formation stages.

Stages of Baby in Womb-Trimester Wise

baby in womb


The First Trimester

This is when your egg gets penetrated by a sperm and then after three days, it passes through the fallopian tube to get attached to the uterine wall of your uterus. The gender and genetic make-up of your fetus get determined at this point. This is where it would get its nourishment and the attachment site would develop into the placenta which would protect your baby till you deliver. You may start having regular episodes of morning sickness, nausea, and dizziness.

You wouldn’t be noticing much during this time as your baby is just growing from a ball of cells into an embryo. Your doctor may conduct an ultrasound at the end of three weeks to confirm your pregnancy and to check if it is attached inside the uterus. At the end of the first trimester, your baby would be the size of a lime!


9 week baby

Your Baby at 9 weeks

The Second Trimester

Your second trimester is from week 13th to the week 28th of your pregnancy. This period in the baby formation stages is also called the honeymoon phase as your initial nausea and dizziness would have subsided and your mood swings are more stable. During this time, your fetus would have a drastic growth from a tiny tadpole to a tiny human!
At the beginning of the second trimester, your baby would look like a small pea pod of around 3 inches, weighing around 42gms. You would feel a slight discomfort in your lower abdomen due to the stretching of your uterus to accommodate the growing fetus.

Between week 16th and 20th, you would be able to feel your baby move, also known as quickening, which would grow stronger and more definite as the week's pass. You would also be able to differentiate between the hiccups, kicks, and turns of your tiny baby.



Since you would be on an estrogen overdrive from the fourth month, you would feel constantly bloated, and experience mood swings, increase or decrease in sexual drive, and tenderness and soreness of breasts. Now would be the best time to start prenatal yoga, swimming, or to indulge in some light exercise.

Third Trimester

Your third trimester would start from week 29th until week 40th. This period can be the most exhausting and challenging phase in the entirety of the baby formation stages. Apart from the weight of your growing baby, you would also be enduring excessive back pain, swollen legs, and ankles. By week 32nd, your baby would have fully developed bones would be able to open and close its eyes. The baby would be in its cephalic position by week 36. If not, your doctor may try to turn its position or advice a c-section at week 40. You baby would be full term by week 37 and can come out any time after that.

Your doctor visits would be more frequent in the third trimester and you would have to keep a close watch for any worrisome symptoms that you may experience.


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