Fun Learning Activity For Toddlers: Magic Milk Coloring

Fun Learning Activity For Toddlers: Magic Milk Coloring

Magic Milk Coloring is Simple science experiment that we can do with  toddlers and young kids too, with material easily available at home. It can be called a Kitchen Experiment, as we will use kitchen items for our science experiment.

It is a super fun activity to see color fireworks in milk. 

Material Required:

  • Full fat milk
  • Food colors (as many as available)
  • Dish soap
  • Cotton swabs 


It is basically a chemical reaction between soap and milk fat. The soap when touched with milk, breaks its proteins and fats; thus resulting in bursting of colors. 


  • Take milk in a shallow dish
  • Add few drops of food colors at different places
  • Dip cotton swab in dish soap
  • Touch swab with color drops
  • You will see the colors bursting like fire crackers and make patterns.
  • You can add more colors
  • You can make indefinite number of patterns because 2 patterns will never be same even with same colors.

Here is the whole video of the experiment:



Keep adding colors and making patterns until there is no more splitting or color bursting.


Enjoy and Learn with Science!

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