5 Reasons Outdoor Play Is Important For Preschoolers
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5 Reasons Outdoor Play Is Important For Preschoolers

5 Reasons Outdoor Play Is Important For Preschoolers

Food is essential for growth, no doubt but outdoor play is  really  important which is gradually decreasing in this generation.


These days, kids remain indoors , hooked to the mobiles and TV cartoon channels.


As parents, we have to take extra responsibility in ensuring that outdoor play is as essential as food for good health.


Here’re a few benefits of outdoor play:


1. It helps the children to be healthy and fit. When children play outdoor, their skin absorbs Vitamin D from the sunlight, which is essential for bones and teeth. It also helps in exercising the muscles and thus encourages growth and development.


2. It increases the social skills in children. Children go out and interact with others and develop social skills, which otherwise is limited, in an enclosed space.


3. It teaches independence and responsibility to children. While playing games, they decide what to play, how to play and learn decision making.


4. It improves the oxygen flow in the body. Breathing fresh air is really important and ensures a high volume intake of oxygen into our lungs.


5. It aids in learning. For example, many kids who are late in speech and hesitate to speak gradually pick up words from the surroundings and thus the learning happens.


Thus, outdoor activities help children in many ways. We should encourage outdoor play and this will also keep children away from spending too much time on screens.


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