Penguin Dads Redefining Fatherhood

Penguin Dads Redefining Fatherhood

Today is the era where man and woman have shared equal responsibilities. Be it running the house, contributing to the finances, helping in the household chores. It is more about doing things together. Gone are the days when Men used to earn outside and it were women who took up the charge of the household chores. Gone is the time when a man’s involvement in a child’s life was about getting scolding for any mischief. Today, the situations have changed. The father is the one who probably sees the baby first. He would hold the baby even before the mother.  He wakes up in nights to so that his child sleeps peacefully. It’s not just mom who gets child ready for school. The mom might not even know her favourite dish but dad would cook the amazing fish curry. I am talking about the Penguin Dad


Why the term PENGUIN DAD?? Well, Emperor penguins are known to be one of the best animal dads in the world. The female penguin lays eggs and goes to the sea to replenish her lost nutrients. It is the Emperor Penguin who would spend around two months holding the eggs between their feed. He protects the eggs throughout the brutal winter. He makes no movement and maintains the balance in the spine chilling winds so that the eggs are not exposed to the freezing temperature. That's the Dedication of a DAD!!


This is the dedication we are seeing in the current generation of dads.


Penguin Dads and Millennial Generation


Fathers today are getting involved in many aspects of their child’s life like helping with homework, getting them ready for school, making and feeding meals and taking time off from work to attend a PTA meeting. 'Penguin Dads' are eager to divide parenting responsibilities equally with mothers.


It is not only about supporting your working wife or giving her some time to relax. The current generation of dads in my opinion is much more considerate and understand the need of constant involvement with their children.


Fathers in today's era understand that it is important to get involved in all aspects of life of a child for the child's overall development. Most of the fathers today in all sense are Penguin dads. They won’t call out for the mother to change the nappies or feed the baby . They happily take part in activities with kids, play with them. PTM’s are not just mother’s responsibilities. They understand that to know about their child’s progress their presence in these meeting are equally important.


So Do you know a Penguin dad? Comment below if you have any experience to share about father’s role in a child’s life.


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