5 Massaging Tips For Comforting Your Baby

5 Massaging Tips For Comforting Your Baby

Massage is a way of communicating with your child. It is the most comforting touch you can provide your baby with. A good massaging session helps your baby relax their muscles and also provides a soothing and calming experience. In fact, massage interventions are known to have a positive effect on your baby’s weight gain. But have you ever wished for a checklist that would tell you what you are doing is right? Well, here are 5 baby massaging tips that will help you ensure that you are comforting your child the right way.

1. Choose the Perfect Time

As a parent, you know exactly what your baby's schedule is. So, when you decide to massage your baby, make sure you choose a time when your infant is neither too full nor too hungry. Most parents prefer massaging their infants right before giving them a bath. The massage oils allow the baby's body to breathe in rhythmic patterns and relax them, which is especially useful if they do not like their bath time.


2. Check the Response

Babies communicate with their body. Pay attention to their body language whenever you plan to massage them. The first few seconds are enough to know if they are enjoying the session. If your infant flinches, cries, or resists being touched, it is your cue to stop. It is a sign that your baby is not going to enjoy the 15-minute massage session that you are about to conduct.


3. Maintain the Temperature

The temperature of the room also plays an important role in how your baby will respond to the massage. You need to be extra careful of it since babies do not respond to temperature the same way adults do. During summers, babies tend to get warmer quickly whereas, during winters, they get cold easily. Therefore, it is extremely important that you adjust the room temperature as per the season before you undress them.


baby massage


4. Begin with the Feet First

The right way of massaging your child is by starting with the feet and then moving upwards. A good foot massage benefits the entire body. Certain pressure points on your baby's feet can be massaged to help eliminate headaches and abdominal discomforts. Then, move to the hands and gently massage each finger. Use your fingers to make circular stroking patterns on your baby's arms and wrists.

baby feet massage

5. Finish with the Back

After you have massaged your baby's face and stomach, conclude the session with a nice and warm back rub. Lay your baby down on their stomach with their hands at the front. Making circular strokes with your palms, gently move from the upper to the lower back. Apply a moderate amount of pressure on your baby's spinal cord with your fingers and finish by lightly massaging their butt.

baby back massage

Your baby understands your loving touch and massage is the best way to tell them that you care for them. While these are just a few baby massaging tips, you will understand more about their needs as you explore  further.


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