Postnatal Care Products

Postnatal Care Products

We marry the goodness of comfy pillows and delight of tea in this pack carefully put together for Post Natal Care for Mums.


Comfeed Nursing Pillow By Comfeed Pillows By Nina

Cozy comfort while feeding your new born. The pillow fits securely around your waist to give the perfect posture while feeding thus preventing a painful back. Enhances the feeding experience and bond between mommy and baby.This is the only feeding pillow to have a Velcro and buckle on strap..Velcro helps you to wear the pillow and put on the strap single-handedly, and in a second. The silent-release buckle is for you to open the strap and take off the pillow quietly, using just 2 fingers. So if your baby has fallen asleep while feeding, the noise of  opening Velcro will not disturb or startle  the little one.


Manual Breast Pump Classic By Morison Baby Dreams

BPA free Manual Breast Pump naturally and gently imitates baby's suckling patterns with a patented let-down massage cushion for fast milk flow. These are comfortable, quiet and easy to assemble. This breast pump extracts milk efficiently without tugging at the breast uncomfortably. As this breast pump is made of hygienic plastic, the milk extracted is safe for your baby. Its lever helps mommy to extract & more milk for baby,It Includes Breast pump, feeding bottle, feeding bottle cover and teat, It has a lever which helps mommy to extract & store milk for baby.

Tea For Nourishing feeds By The Moms Co.

Our All-Natural, Caffeine Free herbal blend has leaves and seeds which have been traditionally used to increase the supply of milk in breastfeeding moms. This tea is Created by and Imported from Expert Formulators in Europe, with the best natural ingredients.


What's In
- Fennel Seeds (Saunf): This traditional remedy is known to Improve Milk Flow in Breastfeeding Moms and for Relieving symptoms of Gas or Upset stomach.
- Aniseeds: Known to Increase the supply of Milk in breastfeeding moms and and provide Relief to Infants from Gastrointestinal problems.
- Raspberry Leaves : Provides a rich source of Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Manganese and is helpful in Strengthening the Uterine Muscles.
- Peppermint : Soothes and calms the Digestive system.
- Blackcurrant Leaves : A rich source of Vitamin C, known to Boost Immunity.

Disposable Breast Pads-48 Pcs By U-Grow

U-grow Disposable Breast Pads provides nursing mothers with protection against breast milk leakage. These breast pads have been designed with advanced technology for long-lasting protection. These nursing pads are made of pure cotton that quickly absorbs moisture, thus ensuring maximum dryness to make mothers feel comfortable. Breathable pads makes sure proper air circulation.


You can also purchase a post natal care pack combo with all these products here


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