Hindu Baby Name List

Hindu Baby Name List

When it comes to naming your baby, you would definitely want the most trending and unique name. You would meticulously go through thousands of name and their meanings before selecting one that defines your baby. This task can get pretty daunting especially because you really have a huge assortment of names to choose from.

So, let us make your work a bit simpler by helping you with a list of Hindu baby names that you can take into consideration while selecting a name for your baby.

Trending Hindu Baby Name List-Boy


Aditya or the Sun is definitely an apt name for your bundle of joy. Though it is not a new age name, it still tops our list of Hindu baby names because of its meaning.


baby boy

This name literally means “a person of highest regard” or a highly respected personality.


This is again, one of the most popular names in recent times. Daksh has many meanings like the capable one, a talented person, and fire. According to the Hindu mythology,

Daksh is the name of Lord Brahma’s son.


This name means the first ray of sun and has many similar sounding names like Viaan (full of energy), Vivaan (full of life), Riaan (Prince) and Kiaan(God’s grace) also becoming equally popular.


Literally meaning the first ray of sun or Ansh (part) of Lord Vishnu, Reyaansh is a name which has become a widely chosen name in Hindu households.


boy dressed as krishna

Who wouldn’t want to name their son after the most adorable and naughty God Krishna? Not only is this name an evergreen one but can also be used for either gender.


This is the name of Arjuna’s son who was known for his valor and his brave character. The name means a person with self-respect, or a passionate person, and pride.


Prashant or the cool and calm one is again an old name regaining its popularity in the recent times. Some of its similar sounding names like Sushant (meaning the same as Prashant) and Nishaant(end of darkness) are also becoming increasingly popular.

Trending Hindu Baby Name List-Girl


baby girl


This name has become popular after Abhishek and Aishwarya Bachan chose it for their baby girl. Literally meaning a person worth worshipping or a blessing of Lord Ganesha, this name tops our Hindu baby names list for girls.


Samaira means the enchanting one and is definitely an apt name for your cute baby girl who stole all hearts the minute she was born.


Advaita meaning the unique one is a name that has become very popular among the younger generation of parents in recent times.


cute girl

Both these names mean the happy, pleasant, or the delightful one. According to mythology, Hasini was a celestial nymph in Lord Kubera’s kingdom.


This is a musical instrument that Saint Narada carries and is also synonymous with greatness and honor.


Niyati or destiny is the daughter of Meru according to the epic Mahabharata. It is also the name of the goddess who sits in Lord Brahma’s court and writes the destiny of every person born on the Earth.

In Conclusion

While there are thousands of names in Hindu mythology that have profound meanings, these Hindu baby names are the most trending ones today.


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