Husband Responsibilities During Pregnancy

Husband Responsibilities During Pregnancy

It’s true that pregnancy is an overwhelming phase for the mom-to-be as she goes through emotional highs and lows now and then. Well, she cannot help it for she tries to stay sane through morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, and so much more.

She’s having her phases of mood swings already so if you rub her on the wrong side, be ready to face the wrath… err maybe some pots and pans will also come flying your way? You never know!

Hold your horses, daddies-to-be! Don’t be intimidated with what we told you just yet. There are several things you can do to make your significant other feel loved, cared for, and supported during her pregnancy.

On a serious note, times have changed, and husbands are going the extra mile to help their beloveds tide smoothly through this phase and strengthening the bond they share.

What Responsibilities Can a Husband Shoulder During Pregnancy?

Here is a quick list of duties for dads-to-be during the nine months of pregnancy.

Lend an ear to her rants

It may just be her frustration talking. Providing emotional support when she voices her anxieties will assure her that you are there for her now and always.


Help with the household chores

The first and third trimesters take a toll on a pregnant woman's mind and body, and it becomes important that you help her with the housework. If you are new to this and can't figure out where to start, let her call the shots initially, and you follow the cues.

Attend monthly check-ups with her

Work may keep you busy but try adjusting your schedules to accompany her for check-ups so that you can stay updated about her and the baby’s health. She will appreciate the attention and that you shower give her, and it will strengthen the bond you both share.

Head out for walks with her every day

You know walking is good for her and helps your baby get all the oxygen it needs. Walking hand in hand with her will keep the romance alive and will give her the physical workout she needs for a healthy pregnancy.

Keep track of her diet

Make sure you help her get the nutrition she needs during this crucial phase as it directly impacts the baby’s health. Stock up on healthy foods and help her follow a diet chart that has the right balance of protein, carbs, fibre, and vitamins.

Accept the changes in her physical appearance


pregnanct lady with wife

It’s on you to comfort her and make her feel loved when she is already feeling blue about her body’s changing shape. Reassure her by telling her she is beautiful every single day!

Remind her to take her vitamins and other supplements

Certain medicines are essential right from the first month of pregnancy. She will know that you care when you check on her from time to time, like making sure if she has taken her medicines or not. It is also a good idea to stock up on them before the current supplies run out.

Retail therapy works wonders!

Now this one’s a personal favourite among women and probably one of the most important ones. What say, ladies?
Fashion takes a backseat while her belly grows with none of her favourite outfits fitting her. Spend time with her buying clothes at a maternity clothing store or online (and patiently) to help her choose trendy maternity wear that suits her style. Shopping will perk up her mood like no other and enhance her pregnancy glow for sure!

Get her hospital bag ready

Get in touch with the hospital for a list of things she will need when she gets admitted for delivery. Make sure to include items such as phone, footwear, clothes, charger, iPod, books, biscuits, and snacks as you may not find them in the list from the hospital.

Parting Thoughts

Remember, the responsibility of being a parent begins right from the day your wife announces her pregnancy, and both of you should shoulder it together. Be with her and support her through this trying time for her. Help her in whatever little ways you can and make her feel truly special.

The positive vibes you both share in this phase will reflect even after the baby arrives and she will feel comforted by the fact that you are always there for her. This will ensure a happy journey through this phase while you go the extra mile to be with the woman  who’s carrying your baby!


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