The Essential Dry Fruits

The Essential Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are powerful sources of micronutrients, fibre and antioxidants. They have myriad  medicinal benefits, which makes them a vital component of a healthy diet for your babies. Dry fruits can help to prevent anaemia, boost energy, prevent constipation, and ensure strong bones and healthy vision for your baby.

Here are some products manufactured using dry fruits that you should add to your baby’s diet.

Dry Fruits Powder by Little Moppet Foods



Just like any other powder you put in the glass of milk, for your child, you can add this nutrient rich dry fruit powder to the milk and enhance its taste. The dry fruits used in this powder are – almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, turmeric and saffron. It has no added preservatives and sugar, thus making it  completely safe for your child as young as 8 months old to consume.

Dry Fruits & Millets Health Drink by Tots And Moms



This is a sugar free, natural and homemade drink suitable for your children. Besides the amazing taste, it brings with it the immunity boosting qualities of several dry fruits like cashew, pista, almond, elaichi and millets. This iron rich drink is helpful in improving digestion and facilitating weight gain for your kids. Babies above 8 months of age can consume this healthy drink.

Organic Dry Fruits and Seeds Jaggery Cookies by Early Foods

Jaggery adds to the many advantages of the dry fruits and gives a unique flavour to your eating options. These cookies are child-friendly and add natural vitamin and mineral supplements to your child's diet. They can be easily stored for about 2 months, but given their taste, do you think your child can resist eating it and save it for so long?
So add those dry fruits to your child’s diet and reap the benefits!


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