V(Oat) For Oatmeal

V(Oat) For Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a very nutritious food and a perfect meal when your babies are ready to start solid food. Oatmeal is rich in fibres, calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. Besides these healthy qualities, oats are easy for you to prepare and easy for your baby to digest. Oats help to boost your baby’s immunity and give them the nourishment they need in their early years for their complete development.

Here are some delicious oatmeal savouries that you should definitely add to your baby’s daily meals.

Oats, Honey, Banana and Raisins Cookies by Slurrp Farm



Cookies are one snack item that all kids love. They never mind having a handful of them at any time of the day. Slurrp Farm took the onus of baking these delicious oatmeal cookies for your little ones, so that they eat plenty and healthy. The cookies are beneficial for your little one, once she/he starts eating solid food as well as for you.

Organic Oats by Little Moppet Foods


Organic oatmeal is rich in vitamin B, E and K, which are beneficial in the early years of baby’s growth. This meal is high in anti-oxidants and fibre and can be consumed by babies as well as adults. The natural ingredients present in it and absence of preservatives makes it all the more appealing for you, as you can offer these to your kids without any worry.

Oatmeal Mix by Bebeburp



Bebeburp has launched its oatmeal mix, which is suitable for anyone whether it be babies or adults. This rich mix is high in fibres and soothes baby’s digestive system. The mix is prepared using 3 different types of oats to give your baby an enriching taste as well as a wholesome meal option.

Banana Oats Cereal by Tots and Moms



Banana is one of the richest sources of calcium. It is therefore important that you include it in your child’s most important meal of the day – breakfast. Tots and Moms have introduced the perfect breakfast for your kids that you can ever ask for – bananas with oats cereal. It is a great immunity booster and helps your baby to fight against frequent illness, cough and cold.

Pear and Oats Porridge by BabyStaples



This is the complete package that your baby needs. It is healthy, tasty, nutritious and fibrous. This product is very beneficial to enhance the bowel movement of your babies. Eating healthy keeps you baby in a good mood and helps in proper growth in the initial years.

Try more oatmeal products on BabyChakra and don’t forget to share your reviews.


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