Painless Delivery: How Is It Different From A Normal Delivery?

Motherhood is the most cherished experience in the life of a woman. It can be equally harrowing since the pain a mother experiences during childbirth can be very severe and daunting. With the advancement in medical sciences, more and more women are opting for painless childbirth to eliminate the excruciating labour pain.


Can normal delivery pain be avoided?

When we talk about painless labour, we are not talking about Cesarean sections. A normal delivery can be made relatively painless with the use of anesthesia. Epidural anesthesia is administered to the pregnant woman as an injection in her lower back. The injected medicine temporarily blocks the nerves that  carry pain signals from the uterus and cervix to the brain and reduces the sensation in the lower half of the body. Thus, the pregnant woman does not feel pain during her labour.


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Will I experience the delivery?

While most women would not want to experience labour pain, no one would want to give up a chance to catch the first glimpse of their child as they enter the world. The good news is that epidural anesthesia does not affect your consciousness. Because this kind of anesthesia reduces the sensations to the lower half of your body, you experience no labour pain; however, you can feel the contractions, participate in childbirth, and watch your baby being delivered.


How do I make the call?

When it comes to your baby, the decision is never an easy one. You need to weigh all the pros and cons of the procedure before making the final call. The obvious benefits include being able to experience the childbirth without the harrowing pain and being able to cherish the process of childbirth. Some studies have also hinted that it may help in reduced postpartum depression. Some of the cons include a persistent feeling of numbness after childbirth due to which you may need help walking, or experience dizziness, backache, shivering, etc. Consult your doctor, discuss extensively, ask questions, and gather information from reliable sources. Although epidural is the  most sought after painless labour method, the decision is yours to make.





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