5 Things You Can Only Enjoy When You’re Pregnant

5 Things You Can Only Enjoy When You’re Pregnant

1 Jun 2015 | 3 min Read

Drvaibhav Andhare

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You have braved the unbearable nausea, you have learnt to deal with the heartburn and you even have the ‘walk-like-a-duck’ routine down to pat. But being pregnant is not just about the inconveniences and the changes that your body experiences. It’s much more…

At first being pregnant can play havoc with your mind and body. The overdose of hormones, the constant squeamish feelings, the indigestion episodes can cloud even the most magical and miraculous experience for any woman after all. But once you get past the first few months and your body sets itself into this new rhythm of housing another being, you will discover that being pregnant comes with its own share of exclusive fun…

1. Food Fix: If there was ever a time to enjoy eating what you love without a moment of guilt, this is probably it. Once the sickness phase is over and you are feeling more like yourself, go ahead in indulge in that cup of ice cream or gorge on your favourite foods without thinking about calories or where that chocolate might go and sit. Yes, balance all those indulgences with healthy and nutritious foods too, but now’s the time to say yes to whatever you taste buds desire

2. Extra Attention: Being pregnant can come with a lot of perks. For instance if you need a shoulder or a foot rub, you need to just ask your partner who will happily oblige. Or having a midnight craving for that hot choc fudge? Watch hubby dearest willingly indulge! The TV remote, affection from parents, both his and yours, and lots of smiles from strangers on the way – its all the miracle of pregnancy working for you, so relish every moment

3. Sleep: Yes, being the size of a mini beach whale can be tiring, and your body will need that extra rest, so make the most of it now. Take those cat naps guilt free and relax whenever you get a chance. Believe us you will miss this time once the baby arrives and sleep is a long forgotten concept, especially in the first few months.

4. Baby Shower: There’s nothing that adds a dash of fun to your pregnancy journey like a good old old baby shower. Besides the blessings for you and your baby, you get to indulge in some fun and games with your friends and family, and rip through those extra cute baby gifts that have been picked out for the occasion!

5. Pre-Baby Holiday: Every couple should opt for at least one holiday before the baby arrives and their family grows. This is an extra special time to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted, and make the most of the time you get with each other. While it may be difficult for you to travel in the first three months and the last three too, your second trimester is the best time to plan a small getaway your spouse and stock up on that much needed quality time before your baby’s arrival.

You are sure to enjoy these small perks of being pregnant and perhaps many more, but we are certain what you will enjoy most about your pregnancy is the day you get to meet your little angel face-to-face. After all you have waited nine months for that very enjoyable  moment!




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