For Moms & Babies Who Want Variety - 3 Weaning Recipes!

For Moms & Babies Who Want Variety - 3 Weaning Recipes!

I love to experiment in the kitchen. Till the baby arrived on the scene, my hubby was my guinea pig. Now hubby says poor baby has to bear the brunt. I guess now you would understand why my husband punches me in his 'sleep'. He is taking revenge for the daytime experiments!!


Anyways, these are tried and tested recipes on my kiddo, which he loved.  So you can try it out too!


Beetroot-Carrot-Apple Halwa 

Grate beetroot, carrot and apple separately. In a kadhai, heat some ghee and put in beetroot first. Once it become almost soft, add the carrot. If required add a bit of water for it to cook. Once soft, add apple. You can add milk for babies older than one. Add cardamom powder, dry fruits powder and sweetener (dates syrup or dates cut very finely,  raisin syrup or palm sugar candy). Stir well till its slightly wet (your baby's preferred consistency) and take off flame. Halwa is ready!


Rava-Banana Sheera 

Heat ghee in kadhai and fry rava till it starts giving a nutty fragrance and keep aside. Take water, about 2.5 times the quantity of rava (more if consistency of sheera should be thinner) and boil it. Add natural sweetener (optional, as banana will give sweetness). Add roasted rava little by little and stir while adding. Add finely chopped ripe banana, stirring all the while. Again, milk can be added for babies older than one, let it dry as per baby's requirement. If more water is required, pour only boiling water. You can also add cardamom powder and dry fruits powder to it. Remove from flame when done.


Tangy Wheat Dosa 

If your baby has been introduced to egg, it would be nice to add egg. If you are not adding egg, you can add curd to the batter. In a fry pan, fry finely chopped onion, tomato, chilli with a pinch of turmeric and salt (salt if baby is above one year) and keep aside. In a bowl, take required wheat flour. Add some water, an egg/little curd, the fried mixture and whisk into a dosa batter without any lumps. Pour on a dosa tawa and form round dosa. Cook on both sides and serve.


If you liked these for your baby, just comment More and I will share some more!


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