Take Care Of Yourself Too, Mommies!

Take Care Of Yourself Too, Mommies!

We moms remember a million things...related to home, work, our kids, our hubby's car keys and phone before he leaves to work to stuff with our parents and in laws (you get the point)! In all of this, many of us end up forgetting the most important thing of all - ourselves!


Until 3-4 yrs back, I was like that till my weight started to increase and health started to deteriorate where even playing with my 1-year-old daughter was tiring. With a whole lot of motivation and dedication and lots of other stuff I went from being 83 kgs to 66 kgs!


But to get there the first thing I had to tell myself is 'I come first'.  This isn't being selfish or putting me before my child and family but putting my health a priority like theirs is.


For example...

In a flight the attendant always says...please put on ur oxygen mask first before helping your loved ones, that is exactly what we must do in life. I need to be a happy & healthy (mentally and physically) mom to be able to help my family in return and that's what I did. So I urge you moms to do the same and would like to share few tips on how to keep yourself hydrated all day and also lose weight through baby steps…


  • Always keep bottled water around you..and drink it too! You can add cucumber, lemon, mint leaves in it to give your metabolism a boost all day long.
  • Before drinking tea or coffee have a glassful of water...caffeine dehydrates your skin. By drinking water, you are balancing the effects.
  • Have at least one cup of green tea...honestly I hate it...but it's one cup and has so many benefits we all know that already!
  • Whenever you are free, use that time to chop carrots, cucumber, celery. When you feel hunger pangs knocking on your tummy, just have these with a curd dip.
  • Even if you can spare 15 mins ( c'mon I know you can don't tell me you can't) do simple exercises at home that comprise of planks squats and jumping jacks or burpees! YouTube will have many of those but choose the right one. And get started.
  • Get a massage...regular massages are helpful for good blood  circulation and to destress. And we moms are always tired and we definitely deserve a massage once in a month at least.

Hope these small tips help you and do remember A happy mom = A happy Family!!


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