12 Signs Of Pregnancy

12 Signs Of Pregnancy

So what are these possible signs of pregnancy? Here are some 12 pregnancy symptoms you must know.


1. Spotting and cramping:

The fertilized egg attaches itself to the  wall of the uterus a few days after conception. This is called implantation. There may be spotting at this time, and you could experience cramps. Many women mistakenly think that it is the start of their period. Implantation bleeding doesn't last too long, and is very light compared to menstrual bleeding.

2. Extreme fatigue:

Unexplained tiredness is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. It can be unlike anything you've felt before. Sometimes the tiredness is so extreme that you can hardly get to your feet. It can also make you terribly sleepy. This is due to high levels of progesterone in the body due to pregnancy. It could also be because of low blood sugar and low blood pressure that occur because of the changes happening in the body.

3. Nausea and vomiting:

Due to the sudden rise in hormones during pregnancy, you might be very nauseated, and even have bouts of vomiting. Though this is generally called 'morning sickness,' it can happen at any time of the day or night! It helps to suck on a boiled sweet just before you get out of bed in the morning.

4. Dizziness:

Your blood vessels dilate, leading to low blood pressure during pregnancy. This might cause you to feel faint and dizzy.

5. Changes in the breasts:

Your breasts might start swelling, and be tender, painful or tingly  because of all those hormones surging around your body. The areola (area around the nipples) may darken too.

6. Need to urinate frequently:

Your uterus starts growing and exerts pressure on the bladder, forcing you to visit the toilet more often!

7. Constipation:

The digestive system is affected, and slows down a little because of hormonal changes. This might cause constipation and gas.

8. Shortness of breath:

The growing embryo needs more oxygen, and as a result, you might be short of breath even though you haven't exerted yourself too much. You'll feel better if you take slow, deep breaths.

9. Heightened sensitivity to smell:

Some women become highly sensitive to smell during this period, and acquire something like a superpower to smell things that others cannot!

10. Change in food likes and dislikes:

You might start reacting unexpectedly to certain foods. A favourite food might suddenly make you retch, and you might start craving for a food you never really cared much for.

11. Headache:

You might be prone to headaches due to the rise of hormones in the body.

12. Emotional upheavals Pregnancy and all those hormones can make you emotionally fragile. If you find yourself tearing up at the slightest stimulus, don't worry, nothing is wrong with you. This is something you cannot help!

And of course, one sign you cannot possibly miss is the missed period!

What you must remember is that these signs are not unique to pregnancy. If they persist,  you need to see the doctor. Also, not every woman experiences these indicators. So even if you don't see any of these changes in yourself, you might still be pregnant. Wait until you miss your period, and take a pregnancy test to  be absolutely sure, and then follow it up with a visit to the doctor!




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