Pre-natal Exercises That Promise To Make Pregnancy And Labour A Breeze

Pre-natal Exercises That Promise To Make Pregnancy And Labour A Breeze

18 Jun 2015 | 5 min Read

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So, mommies in the making put on your training shoes and get going with these pre-natal exercises. Amd follow these prenatal exercise guidelines

If you plan to run a 10K you put in 3 months of training to get to the point right? If you plan to hike up a mountain, you pack in strength training into your daily routine, no question about it. So why not prepare and train for what is likely to be the most physically gruelling day of your life? Yes, mommies-to-be, you have seen the birthing video so you know the big day you are heading towards. But wait don’t panic and bury your face in that ice cream bucket yet. Yes, labour can be painful and it can be very scary, but it doesn’t have to be any of those things. With regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle you could actually prepare your body for the big event and help your mind keep calm even as labour kicks in.

So, mommies in the making put on your training shoes and get going with these pre-natal exercises. However, remember as with everything, please assess the level of your fitness for yourself and don’t put excess strain on your body. If required you can also check with a fitness expert or your gynaecologist before starting any exercise program.

1. Walking:

This is one form of exercise that requires no training or preparation, and can be done at any stage in your pregnancy. So mommy, chalk out that half an hour stroll for yourself post meal times or early in the morning depending on when you feel most energetic and watch yourself get fitter and happier.

2. Squats:

This is a great exercise to add to your routine especially in the later months of your pregnancy. You can perform this exercise by keeping your feet hip width apart and holding out a chair in front of you. Slowly squat down and after holding for a couple of breaths rise back up. Repeat this 8 – 10 times in the beginning and then you can complete 3 sets of 8 reps once you are used to the intensity of the exercise and have found your balance

3. Swimming:

Its fun, it’s the one time you wont feel your body  weight and it is completely relaxing. Do you need more reasons to swim during pregnancy? This is a completely safe exercise routine if you have been a swimmer, and helps your muscles work without feeling the fatigue. Besides it’s a great cardio workout while making sure you are not running out of breath. So go ahead and make a splash

4. Kegels:

This is an important exercise that perhaps your gynaecologist and your antenatal class instructor both will emphasise on. That’s because you need to make your pelvic floor muscles as strong as possible before Labour Day. So squeeze and release whenever you find yourself free time during the day, and that will be one exercise off your list

5. Pelvic Tilts:

This is another great exercise to help build more flexibility into your pelvic muscles. You can even alternate these with pelvic lifts. To provide great movement and help your pelvic muscles open up completely in preparation for labour time.

6. Stretches:

Side stretches, floor stretches and butterfly stretches are some of the common moves you should master during your pregnancy exercise routine. These stretches will help keep your body supple and keep your back from feeling the strain as your belly starts to expand. Make sure you do not strain too much each time you stretch out. Its important to feel comfortable no matter which exercise you perform

7. Yoga:

Light yoga exercises that are recommended during pregnancy can be great not only for your body but also for your mind. Join a local pre-natal yoga class or simply go online and find some videos that provide simple and easy to follow instructions. Remember you know your body best, so stop every time you feel even a little discomfort

8. Running Or Light Aerobic Activity:

Doctors always recommend exercising at least 30 mins. a day three times a week as a thumb rule during pregnancy. You can mix up your routine with different aerobic and stretching activities to keep things interesting. The other important tip is that you can continue any exercise routine you have been following in your pre pregnancy days provided you make a few adjustments that will work for your new body shape. So if you were a runner, no need to put away your shoes, you can still continue to run, but pace yourself out. Similarly if you were performing functional exercises previously you can continue to do the same, however you may need to eliminate a few exercises and give your body a little more support to perform some of the others.

Keeping fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy will have multiple benefits that you will no doubt experience once you start out on your journey. This includes feeling balanced, aiding digestion, feeling active, reducing sickness symptoms and a host of other benefits. But most of all it will add a surge of enthusiasm as you prepare to welcome your baby into this world with a fit body and a happy mind.




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