5 Months Pregnant? Know Belly Size, Baby Position & More

5 Months Pregnant? Know Belly Size, Baby Position & More

2 Dec 2022 | 5 min Read

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Every woman’s body changes in a unique way throughout pregnancy. But by the time you’re five months pregnant, your baby bump will probably be obvious, and you will experience significant bodily and emotional changes through the month. So, let’s jump into the article and learn about what being 5 months pregnant feels like, its symptoms, and the development of your body.

Common Symptoms In 5th Month Of Pregnancy

You’re likely to enjoy some energy and a good metabolism during your second trimester. In fact, the fifth month is usually considered one of the most enjoyable times during pregnancy. However, there are some not-so-great symptoms that you might experience this month,  such as nasal problems, dizziness, leg cramps, stretch marks, and spider veins. But remember that while these pregnancy symptoms are common, you might only experience a few of them in your 5th month of pregnancy.

Baby Development & Body Changes In 5th Month Of Pregnancy

Baby Development: Your baby will start gaining weight at this point. They will start developing eyebrows and hair. You might even notice your baby hiccuping as they move jerkily. Even while you might find these 5 months pregnant baby movements irritating (particularly at night when you’re trying to sleep), they’re unquestionably a good indication because feeling movement in the womb indicates healthy baby growth & development.

Changes To Mother’s Body: The fifth month of pregnancy has several benefits, including feeling energised and less fatigued. Additionally, many expectant mothers develop a pregnancy “glow” and appear to have a more luminous complexion. You may notice that your 5 months pregnant belly has started to expand. Your nail growth and texture will also change in some ways.

Adjusting To Your Pregnancy Body: A Phase

While giving your developing child a secure life is an important task, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always feel completely at ease in your new body. Enjoy purchasing some flattering and comfy maternity clothing throughout the second trimester of your pregnancy, either in nearby shops or online. Additionally, have a look at our pregnancy week by week post, which can serve as a roadmap for your pregnancy journey and care.

Fifth Month of Pregnancy Quick List

Here are some quick checklists to follow while going through your 5th month of pregnancy.

Know The Signs Of Premature Labour:

Keep a look out for any indications of premature labour. Discover all the symptoms and indicators. If you believe it to be urgent, speak with your doctor right away.

Enrol In Prenatal Classes:

There are many prenatal sessions going on offline and online as well. So, register now to receive as much guidance and knowledge as you can.

Start Talking To Your Baby:

Your baby is starting to recognise your voice and is hearing better than before at five months gestation. Make it a routine to speak, sing, or read to your child each day.

Eat A Balanced Diet To Stay Active

At this moment, your kid will grow quickly, so you could feel more hungry than usua;. This is not the time to cut back on your food intake; instead, keep consuming a variety of wholesome and nourishing pregnancy foods to stay active and build your metabolism.

Get Comfortable With Everything

Find more comfortable 5 months pregnant sleeping positions, accommodating footwear (particularly if your feet are swollen or if you are experiencing leg cramps). Wear baggy and comfortable pregnancy clothes that allow your body to expand enough for movement. You can start searching for maternity bras that support the changing shape of your expanding breasts.

Utilise The Extra Energy

The energy boost you get in the second trimester gives you the chance to travel, exercise, and maintain your body. But don’t forget to look at your second trimester symptoms to safeguard the health of you and your baby.

5 Months Pregnant Belly Size

Here are some 5th months pregnant pictures below to check out:

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This is your chance to really shine during your second trimester, which is also known as the “honeymoon” period. Keep moving while you still can, keep an eye out for the first movements, and say hello to your baby for us during the scan at 20 weeks! Happy motherhood!


What should you expect at 5 months pregnant?

During the 5th month of pregnancy, you will start feeling butterflies in your stomach. This is sometimes referred to as quickening. The fourth month’s pregnancy symptoms will still be present in this month. The symptoms which you will notice during this phase of pregnancy includes- constipation, breast changes, nosebleeds, gum bleeding, dizziness, and slightly shortness of breath.

Is your stomach hard at 5 months pregnant?

It depends, but it usually happens in the second or third trimester. Your abdominal wall will gradually feel harder as your uterus expands and pushes up against it. Your uterus’s surrounding muscles and ligaments will also stretch, which will further result in minor cramping.

What does a 5 month baby look like in the womb?

Around this time, your 5 months pregnant baby size grows from being approximately 5 inches long and weighing about 5 ounces to being approximately 10 inches long and weighing about 1 pound. All in all, this implies that at 5 months pregnant baby position, your baby will be around the size of a bell pepper or a banana. In just five months, you’ve both made great progress! Kudos to you!

When do baby kicks start?

Between weeks 16 and 25 of your pregnancy, you should begin to feel your baby’s first “quickening or kicking” movements. It’s possible that you won’t feel your baby kicks until closer to week 25 if this is your first pregnancy. Some pregnant women experience movement as early as 13 weeks into their second pregnancy.

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