5 Reasons Why You Are Facing Vaginal Dryness And Ways To Cope With It

5 Reasons Why You Are Facing Vaginal Dryness And Ways To Cope With It

10 Aug 2022 | 5 min Read

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Studies indicate that at least one in five women experience vaginal dryness, a condition that is exactly what it sounds like. Vaginal dryness can be caused by a myriad of factors, both psychological and physiological, such as hormonal fluctuations and stress. While it’s more common in menopausal women, this condition can affect younger women too.

Some of the common symptoms of vaginal dryness include discomfort or itching, a burning sensation, abnormal vaginal discharge, and pain during sex or masturbation.

The good news is that this condition can be treated in a number of ways, ranging from using a natural and water-based vaginal moisturizer to going to the doctor for a thorough evaluation to check for skin conditions. However, it’s important to figure out the source of your discomfort first to implement the right treatment method.

Keep reading to learn the main causes of vaginal dryness and some ways to deal with the condition. 

5 Reasons Why You Are Facing Vaginal Dryness

The major contributing factors to vaginal dryness are hormonal changes, certain medications, and lack of sexual arousal

There are many factors that can lead to a lack of vaginal lubrication including hormonal imbalance, stress, allergy, medications, and even insufficient arousal. Let’s take a look at each.

  • Hormonal changes: One of the major contributing factors to vaginal dryness is a drop in estrogen levels during menopause or perimenopause. As you know, estrogen is a key hormone that maintains vaginal lubrication, elasticity, and thickness. A decrease in the production of this hormone can cause dryness, inflammation, and thinning of the vaginal walls. 

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, vaginal dryness can also occur after childbirth or during breastfeeding.

  • Stress or anxiety: Sexual stimulation is more than just a physical response. It’s a mental one too. Stress can create a mental block, making it difficult to achieve arousal and limiting vaginal secretions.

Moreover, stress or anxiety interferes with the different anti-inflammatory processes of the body. It can affect the blood flow or the nervous system transmission to achieve vaginal lubrication.

  • You are allergic to one of your products: While they smell nice and refreshing, highly-scented products do not suit your vagina. They can cause sensitivity and irritation that further contributes to vaginal dryness. 

  • Insufficient arousal: In certain cases, vaginal dryness is due to low libido, or sexual disconnect with your partner. Your partner’s poor sexual performance or even early ejaculation can also contribute to vaginal dryness.

Medications containing antihistamines cause vaginal dryness

  • Medications: Allergy, cold, or asthma medications contain antihistamines that cause dryness in the body. This also includes your vagina, leading to reduced lubrication.

5 Ways To Deal With Vaginal Dryness

Now that you know all the possible causes of vaginal dryness, let’s take a look at some effective ways to deal with this condition.

Sirona’s moisturizing lube tube come in different flavors and keep your vagina nourished to prevent dryness

  • Use a glycerin-free vaginal lubricant + moisturizer: The thing about lubricants or vaginal moisturizers is that we do not talk about their benefits enough. It’s a must-have product for anyone experiencing vaginal dryness due to menopause or hormonal changes.

A vaginal lubricant + moisturizer helps moisturize and nourish the vagina and reduces discomforts. But be careful while choosing a lubricant for a vagina. Make sure your lube tube is made with all-natural ingredients and is water-based.

For instance, you can use Sirona’s glycerine-free lube tube made with plant-based ingredients like Tasmanian pepper fruit, riberry, and sodium hyaluronate. These ingredients help relieve dryness, soothe irritated skin, and help lubricate for better sex. It also works great with latex condoms and toys and provides you ultimate pleasure during a solo session. 

Sirona’s lube also comes in exciting flavors like strawberry and blackcurrant and is safe for frequent use. It’s easy to apply as well, just squeeze some amount of the lube into your palm and massage on your vulva. The lube feels extremely natural and can be washed off easily too.

Bonus tip: All first-time menstrual cup users, this tip is for you! Use this moisturizer to lubricate your vagina before using your cup as it helps with easy and stress-free insertion. 

  • Put a pause on hair removal: Your pubic hair acts as a natural barrier that keeps your vulva moist. For some women, the removal of pubic hair can cause dryness around the vulva and vagina. If you do remove your pubic hair, make sure to moisturize your skin properly. Use a mild cream around the vulva to prevent dryness after hair removal.

  • Switch your allergy meds: If your allergy medications contain antihistamines, then you might want to consider switching them. Consult your doctor to know the other suitable options.

  • Use a topical hormone cream: This tip is especially beneficial for women approaching menopause, or breastfeeding mums. Using a cream offers extra TLC to ease vaginal dryness. Consult your doctor as they can recommend a topical estrogen cream to help you out. 

  • Check for skin conditions: If the above-mentioned tips don’t help ease your vaginal dryness, you should consider getting a thorough evaluation to determine if you have skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Yes, just like the rest of your body, you can get this skin condition on your vulva too!

Your gynecologist or dermatologist can examine your condition and prescribe a suitable medicine or treatment method for you.

Dealing with vaginal dryness is uncomfortable but determining the right cause and implementing timely measures can help you alleviate the symptoms of this condition. Moreover, using natural lubricants from Sirona can help maintain your vagina’s moisture level and spice up your intimate life even more.



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